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US Judge Says Nobody Is Concerned About Iphone’s Notch

A judge in the US has just dismissed a case that’s centred on an iPhone’s notch. The plaintiff claims that Apple is misleading customers because the screen size and resolution that it uses to advertise the iPhone are different from what one realistically gets after they buy the phone. Guess what the judge said? According to the Verge, the judge replied:

There doesn’t really seem to be anyone in America who seems to be concerned about it.

Apple has reportedly been trying to dismiss the case since March this year but the plaintiff is undetered. The plaintiff actually wants to present the case as class action lawsuit as there are many people who feel Apple is misleading them. However, in its defence, Apple claims that screen size it advertises is based on its retail box that houses the iPhone and not the iPhone when its out of the box.

As reported to by Law360, the afrorementioned judge said the case is likely to fail to make it to a trial since there’s a legal precedend of such a case.

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2 thoughts on “US Judge Says Nobody Is Concerned About Iphone’s Notch

  1. Have you ever heard about Essential smart phone designed by Andy Rubin. They designed the notch first. Apple are not the pioneers of the notch.

  2. As much as I hate the notch and think it’s ugly, this should be a case where you let your wallet speak rather than the courts. You don’t like the notch? Simply don’t buy the phone, and let those who don’t mind it have it.

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