Updated: RBZ Says You Can Get Paid In Forex But You Won’t Be Able To Withdraw Your Funds

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us$ 50, bank note

An instruction circular from the RBZ to FBC’s management to its staff has leaked and the circular focuses on “Employees Salaries Payments in USD“. The instruction is on the back of what appears to be some regulatory changes at the RBZ.

The circular notes that in some instances the RBZ can allow a company to pay its employees in USD but that will have the following restrictions:

  • These funds will only be transferred in an employees Nostro FCA
  • Accounts funded from these arrangements will not be allowed to withdraw cash – AKA limited access to your forex. AKA we will wipe these accounts clean when it is convenient for us to do so.
  • Account-holders can’t withdraw their forex – because if they want to transact locally they don’t need US$’s since they were banned after the reintroduction of local currency
  • The funds in these accounts may be used to settle foreign payments – but your bank will approve these purchases. This will probably result in a limit of what you can actually use the money for but we will see.
  • Unutilized balances in these accounts will be liquidated after 30 days – remember what I said about your account being wiped clean. This is it.

I’m not sure why any individual would want to open such an account given the limitations and also the topsy-turvy nature of our government and the central bank which could see your account being liquidated before the 30 days or whenever there’s another crisis and they need forex for firefighting purposes.


What’s your take?

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  1. fcuk rbz

    these fcukers are clueless thieves !!

    1. Big Q

      People who run Zim have no clue what they are doing, smdh

  2. Anonymous

    Day robbery 😲

  3. Anonymous

    Go to hell

  4. Anonymous

    Bottom shelf thieves!! 1 day they will be burning in hell & regretting the day they were born. Each & everyone of them

  5. Anonymous

    and so what happens to pple who are workers of embassies, NGOs and airlines who are paid in Forex? did they think about those pple? this is sad

  6. Ali

    What about pensioners who get a small amount of forex as thier pension, who are limited to a weekly withdrawal, just daylight robbery? Disgusting way to treat your citizens, shameful!!!

  7. ED

    This has to happen in order for you not to keep you Usd at home so that we can take it all

  8. M2

    Next directive all diaspora remittances will be deposited in “FCA account” and any unused funds converted to RTGS within 30 days

  9. Anonymous

    Tough times ahead if Zimbos

  10. Justin Chitakatira

    Kuisira vanhu masanctions kauku? Kuvhundutsira vanhu. Manje vanhu haavavhunduke. Maondonga nyika varume, kuponda chaiko. Ibvaipo.

  11. Anonymous


  12. John Tsiode

    Want my money back

  13. Anonymous

    Its just quite unfortunate the people at the helm seem to have lost track. This is just accelerating in the opposite direction. Daily you are raising the price of fuel, Zupco buses remain pegged at 50cents yet the bus owners get paid more. You are pushing taxis and kombi owners out of business who are supposed to be the tax payers.

  14. Anonymous

    This move dispels any room for savings from the banking public. How can one be forced to liquidate the USD to a currency that would be worthless in less than a week from its liquidation. The RBZ on one hand is suppressing the interbank rate for its benefit thus it becomes a double tragedy, you are forced to liquidate and at the same time you liquidate at a discounted rate.

  15. Anonymous

    Welldone team RBZ. Great imagination. Keep think outside the box.

  16. Sam Nyatwa

    These are fake USD’s just like when the bond was said to be equal to USD. The real test of forex is whether you can use it to make payments outside the country which is not the case

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