TelOne To Launch Wibroniks Competitor: Blaze


TelOne will reportedly be launching a new wireless internet service which they’ve chosen to call Blaze.

Just like Wibroniks, Blaze will offer customers an LTE-based connection and a choice between an indoor modem and a MiFi device which will be priced at $472 and $333 respectively. For the MiFi device, you’ll need a line which was said to cost $10.

There was also a leaked image with supposed Blaze packages though TelOne reps have told me that these might not be the packages or final prices when Blaze is launched:


Apart from just data, the leaked Blaze packages also highlighted talk-time – something that differentiates it from Wibroniks.

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11 thoughts on “TelOne To Launch Wibroniks Competitor: Blaze

  1. Nice article but somehow I’m left wanting. When are they expected to launch it or at least what does the rumour mill say. As it stands in the leaked pricing is it better than wibronicks (I’m not asking for a chart just a brief note). Is it expected to work on certain phones like Wibronicks? Please work on adding a bit more flesh and answering obvious questions we’ll probably have even if they are rumors and you don’t know an acknowledgement that you don’t is better. look at leaks and other articles in general on other sites and you’ll realize what I mean. Good work though, well appreciated, keep improving

    1. When we contacted TelOne they weren’t prepared to comment unfortunately. We’ll do better with sources and get more information next time. Thanks

    2. the prices are correct, bought my line but there is no talk time according to the client service officer who assisted me. she said if you want to use talk service then buy the indoor modem instead of the mifi

    1. Yes that’s where the article first surfaced. We then got in touch to hear from TelOne if they could share any information regarding this and the response was that the product is yet to launch so they aren’t sharing details.

      Sad? Because?

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