Yo Mix Bug Allows Users To Get Free Data

Users of the Yo Mix app have been experiencing an unforeseen benefit to having the application since yesterday morning. The application has been allowing users without any airtime/money in their mobile wallets to buy bundles.

Interestingly the only bundles you can buy are the preset bundles and not the custom mixes which will minimise some of the loses Econet will make because of this situation since most of the bundles there have data allocations in the hundreds of megabytes and not gigs you can make with custom bundles.

A lot of people took this opportunity to “get even” with Econet – which has been accused of stealing people’s money when bundles disappear or transactions fail and money isn’t reversed.


Update: The bug seems to have been fixed now. I tried to buy the preset bundle on my phone after publishing and its no longer working.

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