[Update] FBC Updates Their Banking App With A Host Of Features

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FBC has updated its banking app bringing a host of new features that will undoubtedly be of use to its clients.

The “enhanced FBC Mobile Moola” app will bring a redesigned interface, security improvements from biometric authentication and the ability to block your card remotely giving customers more control over their safety.

It would be wise for FBC customers to update to the latest application which was updated on the 26th of January, because of its enhanced security features which will could come in handy and give customers more control at a time when card cloning is one of the ways cybercriminals are targeting people.

We reached out to FBC on the 27th to understand which other stand out features would come with the app and whether the biometric authentication will be compatible with the iPhone’s Face ID since newer iPhones no longer have the home button anymore. At the time of writing FBC is yet to give us a response regarding the features. We will update this article once they share those details.

[Update]: Face ID won’t work for biometric authentication which means if you have a newer iPhone you’ll have to stick to a PIN.

Other new features on the app include;

  • Ability to pay for your third-party vehicle Insurance
  • Ability to manage beneficiaries, giving you the freedom to add, modify or delete beneficiaries for bill payments, airtime purchases as well as internal and external bank transfers
  • Provision of a Foreign Exchange Calculator
  • Availability of Proof-of-Payment(POP) for transfers Exciting and user friendly design

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  1. Llodza

    Good improvement. How about the one we use on Prepaid MasterCard? Any improvements?

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