BancABC’s New DialAVisa Service Delivers A Visa Card Right At Your Door

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BancABC virtual branch – Branch X has announced the launch of a new service they are calling DialAVisa. The announcement was made via Twitter and the details we have regarding the service as follows.

Interested parties will be able to initiate the process by calling BancABC Branch X on 08677008758, sign up for the card and they’ll deliver within 24 hours.

What’s not clear at the moment is whether they’ll bring the application forms when the card is delivered to your home and then you fill those or if they’ll take that information over the phone and process it before delivering the card.

BancABC’s Branch X was launched shortly after Zim went into lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic and at the time the virtual branch was positioned as primarily a way for BancABC clients to interface with bank tellers and conduct all banking transactions.

The premise was based on convenience with branches closed;

Branch X is an exciting new innovation offering our customers a personalised virtual experience from the comfort of their homes. We may be in lockdown, but business must go on.

The launch of DialAVisa makes sense and falls in line with that thinking – since potential clients looking to sign up for Visa cards might not be able to do so because of transport difficulties – BancABC will go to them.

What makes this an even more brilliant acquisition strategy is because BancABC is the only bank offering this (to my knowledge) which means anyone who wants a Visa card but can’t move around because of COVID-19 has one option… BancABC.

The bank has said that the service is launching in Harare and will come to other cities in the future.


What’s your take?

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  1. Alexio Shumba can you make a favour by just voting for me. This is a competition for winning airtime on father’s day

  2. TheRebzy

    So I just ordered one.. They took my details over the phone, they noted that once the delivery person comes he/she will take a photo of my ID. Will update once the process is complete.. They also said that the delivery person will collect the Card fee, BUT that I had to go to a branch to deposit money on the card..

    1. TheRebzy

      *Edit : Delivered Card.. looks great.. They fill out the form for you, take a photo of your ID and they will load your initial $$ when they get back to the office.. GREAT Service!

      1. Prince

        How much was the card fee and how much is supposed to be loaded in the card, floating balance

      2. TheRebzy

        *ANOTHER Edit.. $5 for Card $5 for min Balance. Deposited money with the delivery guys.. Card activated but NO money on card.. 35 mins of calls later, operator said they will send an email and hopefully call back with more information… Bank X lines are down, so call BancABC Toll Free..

        1. Farai Mudzingwa

          Thanks for giving us heads up on this

      3. Bukhosi Mhlanga

        Did you attempt using the card online? Does it work?

    2. cole

      Can you use a Passport instead!?

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