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Econet Bundles & SMS Price To Be Reviewed On 17 June

Econet has announced that they will be reviewing pricing of bundles and SMSs tomorrow.

Econet subscribers have been receiving the following message from the mobile network operator;

Dear Customer. Please take note, bundle prices for Data & SMS will be reviewed effective 17 June 2020. Dial *143# to buy Data or *140# to buy SMS Bundles.

This latest price hike comes a month and a half after the most recent tariff increase which was effected on the 5th of May. The last tariff increase was not exactly popular with consumers since the beloved Private WiFi bundles were hiked by as much as 225%.

Activists and other organisations cried foul and demanded -to no avail- that Econet provide cheaper pricing, claiming that the internet is a human right and by increasing tariffs, Econet was denying people of access to that human right. No doubt this latest review will also leave these group shaking with rage.

Econet’s stance on this has been the same since they started reviewing the prices of data and SMS so frequently. They have said that if the value of the ZW$ was stable there would be no need for price adjustments but because the currency is constantly weakening they have to price in a manner that allows them to stay in business.

Ultimately, both consumers and mobile network operators are right. Consumers can’t afford the service on offer but equally mobile network operators also have to price their products in a manner that allows them to continue offering the service.

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