ZB Bank now offering Civil Servants USD allowance conversion on WhatsApp

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ZB Bank

Since the announcement that Civil Servants would be getting a USD allowance, there has been a slow trickle of service improvement from banks. By this, I mean civil servants had to go to their branches in order to convert the USD they got into local currency. Banks like FBC, Stanbic and more made it easier by offering civil servants mobile platforms like USSD, bank apps and WhatsApp to do that conversion. To follow on those banks ZB Bank has announced that civil servants can now do NOSTRO conversions over WhatsApp.

This announcement was made via SMS and it reads:

“Attention all Civil Servants! Now you can switch your Nostro to RTGS via ZB WhatsApp Banking. Type ‘Hi’ via WhatsApp to +263731440440 to start Switching Today!”

ZB Bank

ZB Bank offering Civil Servants WhatsApp Nostro conversion is a step in the right direction. As previously mentioned it improves service because Civil Servants won’t have to commute to their banks to convert their allowances. There is however a shortfall, as good as this is, WhatsApp isn’t universal. Bundles are getting more and more expensive and are going beyond the reach of many.

This service needs to be available via USSD for it to have the greatest coverage. Anyone who has a cellular phone can use USSD as long as there is network coverage.

Hopefully, this is a case similar to FBC when they followed on USSD allowance conversion shortly after making the service available on WhatsApp and email.

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  1. Farai Farai

    Cabs did it a long time ago. I went there once and it was very efficient

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