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ZOL has finally launched a USSD platform

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ZOL has at long last launched a USSD service platform. This is a welcome development because ZOL customers won’t be restricted to only internet-based customer services platforms like the MyZOL app, the chat feature on the ZOL website as well as enduring the wait times when calling customer services directly.

You will no longer need to use the myZOL app to:

  • Pay your ZOL bill
  • Request your account balance
  • Get a statement
  • Reset your MyZOL password

ZOL USSD registration

Registration is pretty simple, all you have to do is to dial *656# and select option 2 “Register ZOL-ID”. You will then need to enter your ZOL ID and if your number is associated with the account you will have to then enter a PIN. After entering the PIN, confirm registration and you are all set.

Number not associated with the account message

If your number isn’t associated with the acount or you changed phone numbers, you should:

  • Visit
  • Login
  • Go to my account
  • Select profile
  • Update new phone number (if you don’t have a number filled into your ZOL profile you should enter it here)
  • Deregister the old number
  • After that you can go and register your number for USSD services

Like all new things there seem to be some problems

So… we have been trying out ZOL’s USSD code on NetOne and Telecel and we are getting an “Invalid MMI code” error for both networks. The USSD goes through no problem on Econet but it’s strange that ZOL isn’t accommodating the other mobile network providers. I can’t say that this is a launch glitch because they would have surely known that not all their subscribers are on Econet.

ZOL will have to increase the things customers can do via USSD

The current launch set up is alright but ZOL has to add more services that customers can access via USSD. Off the top of my head, one thing I’d like to see there is a way to report a fault.

When ZOL goes down, customers will either have to get mobile data to access the chat platform or call customer services. Adding a technical support aspect to the USSD will make the platform a lot more convenient and useful.

{Update}: On the point of the USSD not working for other networks ZOL would have had an easier time with getting approval from Econet because of their association. The approval process for the other MNOs is different and ZOL may not have it yet. It isn’t ZOL not accommodating their subscribers.

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