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Professional gaming & content creation need to be taken more seriously in Zim

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Professional gaming is one of those things that is still fringe in Zimbabwe, in 2021, and the digital age. Some at this point might say there are bigger voids to be filled, but (true as that might be) we don’t think that should be the case. A number of industries can be developed at the same time and if we have learned anything from history it is that it only seems like there are very few options because some industries are shunned without having been given a fair shot.

To take this conversation further we were joined by Farai Mudzingwa, one half of Babyboy gaming. We explored a number of issues not only about gaming as a profession in Zimbabwe but content creation within the gaming industry and other forms of content creation.

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Our conversation with Tendai Mupaso the co-founder of logistics startup Yaita. It had been a while since we touched base and we thought we’d talk about the business as well as their new product the Fulfilment Centre. The product is basically a warehouse where e-commerce businesses store their inventory.

The biggest difference with a normal warehouse and what Yaita is doing, is that Yaita will handle delivery of those goods. Your customers can order through you but you don’t have to ship anything, all of that is done by Yaita.

Yaita a delivery startup now looking to be the complete e-commerce business partner

We also had a chat with Fresh Ideas founder Kuda Musasiwa. The startup is offering the tools for anyone or business that wants to start an e-commerce operation. There is, of course, a fee of US$99 a month but for that, you get payments intergrations, website design and more

Kuda Musasiwa is bullish about Fresh Ideas’ e-commerce platform

Lastly, we talked to Dandemutande CEO, Never Moyo about the recent launch of Utande LTE.

Dandemutande CEO sheds more light on Utande LTE

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