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Local legal startup comes to artists’ aid following the Nashtv contract leak

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In the wake of the Nashtv contract leak, there has been a real concern for local artists in Zimbabwe on how they can get legal aid when it comes to contract negotiations. Many artists, especially those just starting out, are not versed in the legal language that is in contracts. Worse still, seeking private legal advice is very expensive. Earlier on we recommended Legal Resources Fund (LRF) as an avenue that artists can seek help from. We have yet another avenue and this is through local legal startup LawBasket.

Now if you have been reading Techzim for some time then the name LawBasket is a familiar one. The legal startup has been on quite the tear of late. It recently received US$32 000 from the HiiL innovation Justice Challenge which earned them a spot in the HiiL Accelerator.

Law Basket also recently partnered with FBC Holding’s Insurance division to offer legal aid to motorists in the event of a traffic violation or accident.

What is LawBasket offering artists?

If I am being honest this isn’t anything new for the startup, its whole mantra has been to give legal advice to those who need it. However, with news of the Nashtv contract leak, their services are needed more than ever.

LawBasket has an extensive network of lawyers at over 100 countrywide. On top of offering legal aid, the startup also runs clinics on:

  • Intellectual Property, giving you an understanding of trademarks and copyrights.
  • Compliance check lists
  • The basics of understanding contracts
  • A walk through of litigation and various other alternatives.
  • Tax compliance
  • Debt management
  • As well as Fundraising and Investment

You can sign up to LawBasket’s StartAp Law service after a 15 minute consultation. When that has been completed you will get a free 15 day trial of the service.

If you interested in checking this out you can find all the details in the link here.

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