Econet subsidiary DPA partners with Huawei on battery technology

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Distributed Power Africa (DPA) has partnered up with Huawei Technologies to deliver the latter’s Smart Energy Fusion solution to be used in hybrid solar solutions for the African market. The partnership will increase and enhance DPA’s product offering by providing improved storage and the company hopes this will increase the uptake of their reliable commercial and home solar energy solutions.

“We are always looking to work with innovative partners like Huawei to bring smart systems and deliver best fit energy solutions to meet the energy needs in our markets.”

Norman Moyo, DPA CEO

DPA and Huawei will roll out the Smart Energy Fusion product in Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Kenya and the solution is said to ensure up to 30% more energy, reduce costs for customers as well as a stable power supply. Another benefit of Huawei’s Smart Energy Fusion is that it is modular. Customers can scale from between 5kW to 30kW depending on their evolving needs.

This partnership looks to have come at a good time because of load shedding which is a feature of the winter season in Southern Africa as well as remote work which is now part of the new normal. Companies who are operating remotely, either in part or completely, are buying backup power kits for their employees to combat spotty electricity supply.

DPA says that the new tech comes with AI-powered active protection that safeguards the system against electrical faults and it is all controlled from an app for customer convenience.

Want to know more about DPA?

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to talk to Distributed Power Africa’s CEO Norman Moyo. He gave us insights into the renewable energy landscape in Africa as well as DPA’s work on the continent. You can play or download the podcast with the link below:


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  1. Patrick Samuriwo

    This is a great achievement in making our continent to be part of the new technology and support,we hope this program will help more countries in creating employment as Huwaii is a big technical company as you merge in providing quality service across the southern borders.

  2. Anonymous

    You need to explain some of the terms or abbreviations you use. What is Smart energy fusion. Its quite perplexing when you use computer abbreviations. There are quite a lot of new and bespoke abbreviations and terms these days such that even the good techs get bamboozled.

  3. Alicia T Weta

    Hallo TechZim, I’m really enthused by your work so far and I am a student who is part of the Edoofa program. As a part of this program, while studying we invest on our skill building by working on live projects to add business value to organisations like yours by being a cost-effective committed, managed workforce, looking forward to connecting. I will be glad if you invite me using other accounts like LinkedIn and Instagram

  4. Musiwa Silas

    Technical jargon has become a new normal so we have to keep pace. With us working part-time or full-time from home these days, we have to look up in internet sources to untangle some of the words.

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