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You can now download Pindula’s data free news app via WhatsApp

Pindula News App

Our friends over at Pindula have been hearing from their readers that they don’t have access to the Play Store or that downloading an app from there is difficult. The biggest reason is that many Zimbabweans are locked in WhatsApp bundles so getting any application requires a general data bundle or Wi-Fi which are both very expensive. To remedy this the Pindula News app is now available for download on WhatsApp for a limited time (up to the end of 31 January)

Here’s how to do download Pindula App on WhatsApp

  • Just send the word “Pindula” to the following number: +263717684274 or

Remember, if you’re on the Econet, then you don’t even need to buy mobile data to use the app – yes really!

Please Note: This is an update of the Pindula App. If you already have the app, then you need to uninstall the old one yet before installing the new one

Important: This is for a limited time only. If you’re reading this after 31 January, it will not work anymore. You will need to download the app the regular way in the Play Store. 

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9 thoughts on “You can now download Pindula’s data free news app via WhatsApp

  1. Yeess now this is the Zimbabwe that I love thank u techzim keep it up. Haaa bcz data rakunetsa kungoonawo news kwakangonakawo

  2. I’m confused. If the Pindula / Techzim site is zero rated, why not just host the APK on the site(s) and share the links? Instead of a time limited WhatsApp offering.

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