SA EV company Agilitee has brought its electric scooters to Zim

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Agilitee LoadEX scooter

South African-based car manufacturer Agilitee which is set to bring a new range of electric vehicles to Zimbabwe as well as set up an assembly plant, has delivered its first consignment of electric scooters in Harare. The Scooter which is called the Agilitee LoadEx and we took a trip to Agilitee/ZimTorque’s offices in Harare to speak to Tanaka Kutama who is heading up the Zimbabwe roll-out.

You can watch that interview as well as the review of the Agilitee LoadEX scooter with the player below. Alternatively, you can watch it directly on YouTube with the link here

Powering the Agilitee LoadEX is a 600W electric motor that is capable of propelling the electric scooter to a speed of 45 km/h and consumes less than 1.6 kWh per hundred kilometres. The e-scooter has a 48V 20 Ah battery pack that is capable of delivering 70 to 80 km on a single charge. The user-removable and portable battery pack weighs only 7.2 kgs and can be charged at home or office improving the user convenience.

The LoadEX comes with a ‘Swift Delivery’ slogan and Agilitee says it has a contemporary minimalist design approach that appeals to young urban commuters. The front apron is quite flat and integrates a full LED headlamp that warps the front end and ensures great nighttime visibility, the handlebar shroud comes with a strip of daytime running light in LED and the e-scooter also comes with LED tail lamps and indicators lamps. The LoadEX features a split seat design a generous floorboard, 12-inch alloy wheels and telescopic front suspension.

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  1. Prince

    How much is it selling for?

    1. 123kid

      I bet it cost more than a Honda fit 🚗

    2. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      The allegedly “professional” Zim vehicle dealerships will tell you everything about a vehicle, even offer you a test drive, but unless you go there in person pricing nevers comes out.

  2. Fortune Giyane

    Looks good. How much is it going for

  3. Lawrence

    Me l have that type of scooter Agilitee from sa that one is best for local routes guyz if you wanna buy from me contact me 0780646992 l have to add up also the duty fee on my price

    1. Bhobha

      Snake oil salesmen these Agilitee people. Scam

  4. Romeo Muzenda

    How much?

  5. DK

    It is said to consume 1.6kWh per 100km, wh its range is 70 or 80km after one charge. Is the 1.6kWh calculated after 2 charges? How reliable is the figure considering battery charge and discharge characteristics? At least I can go to Norton and return to Harare on one charge when the battery is still new. With no bicycle lanes it will be quite a challenge being a road hog at 45 km/h with cars, buses and lorries breezing past you! Can someone check if it needs a driver’s licence considering its maximum speed. If no license required, will kids be allowed to motorcycle to school?

    1. Isaac

      You do need a license

  6. Silas Makamure

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    1. FBI

      Kindly be advised against sharing your personal number on public platforms as scammers may try to trick u .

  7. T mutanda

    These electric bikes are user friendly efficient and cheap to maintain but the challenge now here is the price they are too expensive if you can consider reduce price so that anyone can afford.

  8. T m

    These electric bikes are user friendly efficient and cheap to maintain but the challenge now here is the price they are too expensive if you can consider reduce price so that anyone can afford.

  9. Veldah Simba

    I’m looking for scooters but I want fuel ones.. If u hve instock pliz contact me

  10. Kelvin

    Can I have….
    1) physical address
    2) scooter catalogues & prices


      Hello sir let me check which one is in stock now because we are no longer have the one ure asking for now

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