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3 Things Banks Can Do Better For Their Customers…

I’m not too sure whether I’m the only one, but at one stage I had an account with almost every bank. Yes, every bank. This was a follow through from the rough years of 2007-2009, where one had to be able to be “connected” in order to receive their  payments instantly. Recently, the need for […]

Total Fuel Station and the separate fuel pump pricing…

Over the weekend, Zimbabwean social media was abuzz with photos of Total Fuel Station charging its customers in US dollars. Many feared that 2008 had come back and that this would be the onset of fuel ques. Here’s my take on it and why I think people should not fear, as well as why they […]

Multichoice Zimbabwe Announces That Prices Will Not Increase This Year…

After much speculation, Multichoice Africa has announced that DSTV Zimbabwe will not be increasing their prices this April as has been the custom. Our counterparts who are located down South were subjected to a 4-8% price increase, while Zimbabwe actually had a price reduction in October 2016. Interestingly DSTV states: “The company made this decision to keep annual […]

Strive Masiyiwa’s version of the founding story fails to check out

Finding content on the internet from authoritative people is difficult. Those that we’d love to hear from either haven’t caught on to the internet or just don’t have the time. However, there is one person who delightfully takes his time to chronicle his experiences and share with us tips on how to perfect the art […]

The 4, maybe 5, types of money in Zimbabwe…

Over the last couple of months a lot has been happening on the money side. Techzim has covered it extensively here but still we’re yet to see someone take time out and spell it all out for us – this is me doing it for myself and hopefully one, maybe two people will benefit. The Reserve Bank […]

14 Things We Learnt From The POTRAZ Implementation Of The National Internet Exchange Point (IXP) Meeting

Dr. Gift Kallisto Machengete, POTRAZ Director General POTRAZ hosted a National Internet Exchange Point (IXP) breakfast meeting this morning, and as someone who normally attends events just to take photos, I was thrown in the fray as not only was I the designated cameraman but had to double as the note-taker (and, is it ‘treble’?, […]

POTRAZ commits to have the “Zimbabwe Internet eXchange Association” by May 2017…

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ), who won a tender for US$200,000 in September 2015 to build a regional Internet Exchange Point has committed to establishing the Zimbabwe Internet eXchange Association (ZIXA) by the 15th of May 2017. This looks to be after their failure to meet the December 2016 deadline (POTRAZ in their defense […]

How To Buy Goods On Amazon From Zimbabwe…

In the Techzim WhatsApp groups almost on a daily basis someone asks where they can buy the cheapest cellphones or tablets. My usual response to this is AliExpress, where I’ve written numerous posts on how someone can go about it. There are a few minor setbacks with buying using this model though: your package takes between 6-8 […]

TelOne expands prepaid billing. To scrap monthly billing…

TelOne, Zimbabwe’s only fixed line operator, has expanded areas that are covered by its prepaid billing as it gears towards making all accounts prepaid. The service, which functions a lot like how mobile subscribers currently are using their cellphones (the prepaid ones), where you top-up first before making a call, has been live (for certain […]

DSTV South Africa Announces Price Increase. Zimbabwe to follow?

An announcement has been made by MultiChoice South Africa that the cost of DSTV bouquets go up with effect from 1 April 2017. This increases the cost of their packages by between 4-7%, but interestingly, even at the new prices that will come into effect, Zimbabwe’s will still be paying more. No communication has come […]

RBZ States That Standard Chartered Bank Cancelling Use Of Visa Is Not Directive From Them

Today a notice appeared in the Herald that stated that Standard Chartered had cancelled, with immediate effect, the use of their Visa cards outside Zimbabwe, with clients needing to seek prior approval 72 hrs before departure. This has proved not yet to extend to online payments, though the fear and concern has been that this was […]

Standard Chartered Visa Card Cancellation Just For Travelling As Online Payments Go Through

After the article we posted this morning in regards to Standard Chartered bank cancelling Visa card payments outside of Zimbabwe, it has now come to our attention that this is just for the physical card, when one travels and not online payments, for now. Confirmation has been made by both a client who banks with Standard […]

Standard Chartered Cancels The Use Of Visa Cards Outside Of Zimbabwe…

Techzim today came upon a notification published in The Herald by one of Zimbabwe’s internationally owned banks, Standard Chartered, stating that the bank has cancelled the use of its Visa cards outside Zimbabwe with immediate effect. The action has been taken to “ensure best use of the increasingly scarce foreign currency resources” due to the […]

We’re looking for a tech blogger to join our team

If you’re passionate about sharing your opinion on tech (that is startups, gadgets, the amazing tool that is the internet, digital media, tech business strategy), you can write really well, you are curious and clued in on the new stuff in the tech space around you; and lastly, if you’re bold enough to share your opinion, especially […]

Well Done To Our 5 Lucky Winners Who Will Be Studying Online…

We recently ran a contest to get more people studying online and being exposed to what it feels like. In this contest we offered 5 people a chance to get started in their online studying by simply filling in a questionnaire. We had some interesting feedback from the questions we asked (hopefully, I’ll do a […]

Win One Of 5 Entrepreneurship Courses Free With Techzim…

UPDATE: You can find the list of our winners of this giveaway here. Submissions are now closed for this contest. In the spirit of the New Year and a number of people having made ‘resolutions’ to get their lives back on track, we’d like to offer 5 people an opportunity to get started using these 5 online […]

How Do You Apply For An ITF263 Certificate From Zimra?

We’re no tax consultants and for professional advice on this topic you are advise to seek professional assistance. At the beginning of the year, every year, companies are now required to apply for what is known as an ITF263 certificate that shows an organisation is tax compliant, or well, is at least in the process […]

All You Need To Know About Ecocash’s MasterCard…

Almost everyday I get a question, whether in my inbox or verbal, from someone wanting to know about making online payments. Whilst being at Techzim I’ve made thousands of dollars in payments during the ‘cash crisis’ so I think I’m in a position to advise a thing or two in this area. As such, instead of […]

You’ll Probably Be Wasting Your Time (And Money) By Going To A Local University In 2017…

Preamble: I dropped out of school 3 times; in Grade 7, Form 2 and Lower 6. I’ve never been to university but have proceeded to National Diploma level at Polytechnic. I believe that school is a waste of time and money and if it was up to me, I’d rather have my kids learn how […]

What Is The Best College To Study ICT In Zimbabwe In 2017?

We’ve had WhatsApp groups for just about 3 years now. Largely targeted at Zimbabwe, members who reside here and issues that affect us (technology-wise) are discussed. Every so often however, we get questions to do with education. Mostly along the lines of “what is the best IT course to do?”, or “what is the best Zimbabwean […]

Good bye To “Technology Zimbabwe”…

Over the years we have become known as a ‘technology’ blog. Anything and everything tech was hopefully covered by us, where we’d do what we termed ‘connecting the dots’. In publishing, you have either of two customers, the reader or the advertiser. The age old adage of “you can’t serve two masters” held true a […]

RBZ to step in and force banks to reduce transaction charges

In an article in the state weekly, The Sunday Mail, it is reported that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ ) will introduce a new fee structure tomorrow (Monday, 12 December 2016) that will be modelled along the lines of how the mobile money providers do – charges that are proportional to the amount of […]

Now That You’ve Bought From AliExpress, What Should You Expect?

Touted as the world’s biggest sale (whether online or not) Singles Day came and almost $18 billion dollars later, went, Zimbabweans also got in on the fun. Sure Zimbabweans may make up an insignificant figure from that large amount above, but AliExpress was used last week to get a number of products for many. Some of you […]

6 Products I’m Considering Buying This (AliExpress) 11.11 Sale…

The clock is ticking and looking like it’s just hours left before this years Massive 11.11 Sale begins. Here’s hoping you’ve done your precautionary bit and are now just watching the clock. In order for you to be in on the fun, I’d suggest that you prepare, prepare, prepare. Once the Sale starts be sure you […]

What To Take Into Consideration When Buying From AliExpress This Massive 11.11 Sale

So you have made a decision to get in on the fun this Friday and shop online (albeit in China). It may be your first time, or if you are a seasoned online-shopper like myself, there are still a few pointers to take into consideration in order for you to get the best experience all […]

The World’s Biggest Sale Is Just 4 Days Away!!!

Those of you who follow deals that take place near you will be happy to know that the world’s biggest online store, AliExpress, will be having its annual 11.11 Sale that they and their sister company pushed US$14 billion last year. Not too different from all other sales, essentially shoppers will get massive discounts on products that […]

Finally: here’s how to receive money through PayPal in Zimbabwe…

For a couple of years now PayPal has been ‘active’ in Zimbabwe. Yes, some of you that are across rivers and bridges may sigh and say ‘big deal, so what?’, but this has been a struggle for us, not only as residents in Zimbabwe, but even for mere visitors to our land. Getting paid through […]

Government to buy Telecel through NSSA?

According to sources, NSSA will either front the funds on behalf of ZARNET or be a guarantor for the ISP. Should ZARNET fail to reimburse the pension fund then NSSA will take over the 60% shareholding in the entity. Little has been said of the involvement the Empowerment Corporation (EC), Telecel’s minority shareholder, will have.

What did you just say about paying for content? “It’s not my policy…”

  I am a thief. I have been for a while. In fact, when I stop to think of it, I fear that my children might inherit the inclination to engage in this nefarious activity of mine. Looking back in my internal memory I can’t seem to pinpoint any ONE event or activity that led […]

Get your FREE Google Inbox invite here… UPDATED

THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH THE NAMES OF THE WINNERS. So there has been a lot of hype about the Google Inbox app. It has been making waves on the internet for the last couple of weeks due to Google having made it “invite only” and limited the number of people who have access to it. […]