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Liquid Telecoms Releases Statement On Major Internet Outage

Liquid Telecoms Zimbabwe, the biggest and probably the main supplier of international bandwidth into Zimbabwe has released a statement in regards to the major internet outage that took place this week. In the statement, Liquid states that they had “two other links providing redundancy into Zimbabwe” and these coincidentally failed at the time of the […]

Avondale Police To Install CCTVs Around The Neighbourhood

If you are a Zimbabwean motorist (well, no, just about anyone who uses the road) you’ll still be heaving a sigh of relief that the police have disappeared from the road. So menacing had they become that court cases were even in the process of being lodged against them to try and ease the rent-seeking […]

“Cyber Crime One Of The Greatest Threats To Zimbabwe” – Zimbabwe National Army

Still fresh in the minds of many Zimbabweans is how the Zimbabwe National Army staged a ‘coup-not-coup’ and managed to “remove the criminals around the President”. So successful were they at their whole effort that our dear President, who’d be calling the shots for 37 years, opted to call it a day. Further, Zimbabweans know […]

NetOne, PowerTel And Telecel Hold Their Own During Zimbabwe Internet Outage…

Earlier today Zimbabweans struggled to access the internet after Liquid Telecoms Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe’s biggest Internet Access Provider, lost connectivity, thus causing people to relive what seems like life in the 1990’s. Techzim was affected largely due to our primary link being ZOL, an Econet Wireless Zimbabwe subsidiary, however, we managed to trudge along with the help […]

Zimbabwe Internet Outage: Here’s What Happened

On Tuesday 5 December 2017 Zimbabwe experienced a huge internet outage that affected most of the country. Techzim reached out to various sources in the industry to establish what really happened and have an appreciation of things. Below are the details we have so far. At around 11:44 AM, a tractor that was ploughing a field […]

TelOne Internet Also Goes Down

After an internet outage that hit Zimbabwe’s largest internet access provider, Liquid Telecoms Zimbabwe, it seems that state operator TelOne has also been affected. At this moment it is still unknown as to what the cause of the problem is, but ZOL’s Customer Care support line states that there is a “core platform failure”. No […]

Chombo Makes It To 419 Scammers Methods

Ignatious Chombo, the former Minister of Finance, who was arrested during the “coup-not-coup”, has made it to being the subject of 419 scammers looking for assistance to “get money out of Zimbabwe.” An email circulating currently, shows that one Kelvin Chombo, an alleged brother to the currently incarcerated former Minister, is seeking help transferring money from […]

US Dollars Return To Banks And ATMs…

Information that is circulating online is indicating that the US dollar has made its way back to the economy. For some who are out of the country this may seem to be silly news, but for the past few months seeing a $20 note was a rarity that could necessitate the family head to summon everyone […]

Does A New President Equal An Improved Economy?

I’m still kinda in the celebratory mood after the firing of our Vice President, then coup-not-coup, then resignation of our dear President and finally installation of a new leader. It’s been a very interesting month and if you laid your head down to rest for a minute too long you may have missed it all. […]

RBZ Says Bitcoin Is Not Legal…

For some time now Techzim has wondered whether Bitcoin is legal or not. In fact, a number of people from in and out of the country have contacted us and enquired. Our standard response has been that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has been lax towards regulating the cryptocurrency and our assumption has been […]

Political Uncertainty In Zimbabwe. How To Stay Informed…

Over the last week, there has been quite a lot of news surrounding the political situation in Zimbabwe. WhatsApp groups have been in overdrive, as people hit the forward button on any and every message received, many-a-time without even verifying the contents of these messages. As there is an unprecedented amount of coverage on Zimbabwe […]

How To Get Bitcoin In Zimbabwe

There has been a craze for Bitcoin over the last few months with interest in the cryptocurrency being driven higher by the cash crisis in Zimbabwe worsens. There has been a lot of international interest in how much bitcoin trades for in Zimbabwe, premiums reaching as high as 85% here, though, in reality, the money […]

Breaking News: Martha O’Donovan Granted Bail

After spending 7 nights in Zimbabwean prison cells, 5 of which were in Harare’s Chikurubi Maximum prison, Martha O’Donovan was this afternoon granted bail by the High Court of Zimbabwe in the matter where she is charged with “subverting a constitutional government through masterminding a social media campaign to overthrow the government by unconstitutional means” […]

Everything Happening Now All Happened Before In 2008…

Though it’s almost 10 years ago the memories of 2008 are as clear as day to me. I was in a technical college at the time and needed to sit for my National Diploma that I assumed would be the key to opening many doors for me. Sadly, due to the ferocious economy at the time I […]

American Citizen Martha O’Donovan’s Bail Hearing Postponed To Thursday

The bail hearing of Martha O’Donovan, the United States of America citizen has been postponed to Thursday 9 November 2017, after the State applied for the postponement due to them “not being ready”. The matter is in the case of State vs Martha O’Donovan, where she is being charged with “Subverting a constitutional government through Masterminding a […]

The World’s Biggest Sale Is Upon Us Again – 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

The last time Techzim wrote about AliExpress was exactly a year ago when the annual 11.11 Sale was on. Boy, what 12 months in Zimbabwe can do to you… Back then, it wasn’t so hard to click around on AliExpress’ website, add a bunch of stuff to your shopping cart and then whip out your […]

What Did ZOL Reveal That Got O’Donovan Arrested?

Last week a social media activist, Martha O’Donovan, was arrested for a tweet that went out in September 2017 that is said to have denigrated the President of Zimbabwe as well as for having set up organisations that are aiming to “subvert a constitutional government through masterminding a social media campaign to overthrow the government […]

EXCLUSIVE: US Embassy Speaks On O’Donovan’s Arrest…

The US Embassy this morning responded to questions sent to them in regards to the arrest of Martha O’Donovan in the matter where the Zimbabwean Government is alleging that she denigrated the President of Zimbabwe through a tweet and was “subverting a constitutional government through Masterminding a social media campaign to overthrow the government by unconstitutional […]

New Twist. O’Donovan Accused Of Having Access To @Matigary

Earlier today Techzim reported that Martha O’Donovan from Magamba TV was taken into custody for a tweet that had allegedly been sent out by her during the Shoko Festival in early September. At the time it was not clear whether she had sent out the tweet or it was a retweet of someone else’s tweet but what […]

DStv Payment Methods November 2017

Yes, as Zimbabweans articles like such are necessary. How one is able to pay for their DStv subscription is necessary as it doesn’t work like how it does in a “normal” country. As of today, November 2, 2017, these are the methods that one can use in order to pay for their subscriptions: NMB (Account […]

“Our Shops Usually Have Cash, For Cash Outs” – EcoCash

If you just crawled out from under a rock and been there for a year, welcome. A lot has happened over the past twelve months, from Zimbabwe introducing “its own currency” (the bond note) to NetOne rebranding their mobile money service OneWallet to OneMoney. What has been most interesting however has been the cash crisis that […]

Zimbabwean Bitcoin Exchange Golix Processes $1m Monthly. Now Profitable

Over the last few months as the cash crisis in Zimbabwe continues to persist the appetite for cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin included, has increased 4-fold. Zimbabwean cryptocurrency exchange has announced that from its seemingly ambitious targets of wanting to process $1m worth of transactions in total historic value, that in the month of October 2017, the exchanged handled […]

Econet Makes Kwese Free On WiFi Hotspots As They Take The Fight To DStv

At the launch of Kwese TV last night in Harare by Econet it was announced that subscribers to Kwese TV will be able to visit any ‘Kwese Free Wi-Fi Zone’ and watch the media service from the comfort of their phones for no additional cost. This will be for a “limited period” only and will […]

DSTV Zimbabwe States Its Position On Local Payments

Knowing how one can make a payment for their DStv subscriptions is becoming important every day. As the conditions in Zimbabwe regarding payments are ever changing, making a payment for one’s satellite entertainment is fast becoming a complicated task. With a service that requires one to search for US dollars and then make that payment […]

BREAKING NEWS: Stanbic Bank Reduces Visa Limits Again In Less Than 2 Weeks

In less than 2 weeks Stanbic Bank has announced that they will be further reducing their Visa card payments to $100 until the end of the month. This is effective immediately and the bank also announces that come 1 November one will have to make prior arrangements with the bank. Just 13 days ago, the […]

Which Bank Cards Are Working To Make Online Payments In Zimbabwe?

This post has been coming for the past year, as the goal posts have been continually changing. One minute your card can make online payments for $5,500, the next it’s reduced to $1,100 and before you can say “bond notes” it’s reduced further to $500. While it will go on to change a bit eventually being […]

Those Are Our Numbers Says Ecocash…

Techzim attended the ‘Swipe Into Ecocash’ launch this morning where Ecocash were sharing their new service offering that allows users to swipe their ZimSwitch bank card at any Steward Bank POS machine and have that money credited to their mobile money wallet. This is an awesome solution (yes, I do such words when I see […]

Did EcoCash Lie About Subscriber Numbers? But Why?

Earlier this year Techzim attended the launch of the partnership between EcoCash and ZINARA. The partnership enabled Ecocash users to pay for their toll gate fees using their mobile money account, a service that proves to be invaluable in an economy that is currently facing a cash crisis. At the said event, Nathalie Jabangwe-Morris, EcoCash Zimbabwe […]

Banks To Stop Cash Withdrawals? Why This Is A Race To The Bottom…

Just picked myself up from the floor when I read this article on a Zimbabwean daily print newspaper that states that Zimbabwean banks have resolved not to issue cash to non-exporting customers. So the Head of the Bankers Association of Zimbabwe came out and said this at a recent event (emphasis mine): For people who […]

Confirmed: EcoCash IS Zimbabwe’s Mobile Money Solution

What has been suspected for a while now has been confirmed in the recently released POTRAZ Q2 report of 2017: EcoCash is synonymous with mobile money in Zimbabwe. Sitting at a staggering 97.98% of market share for subscribers, the Econet-owned mobile money solution has cemented themselves as the dominant player of mobile money in Zimbabwe. Similarly […]