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Eye tracking feature coming to Windows 10 will allow you to control your laptop with just your eyes

Microsoft has announced a new eye tracking software technology that will be coming in the next Windows 10 Fall Creators update. The feature will allow people to control and navigate a Windows 10 laptop with their eyes. It will be available from the 17 of October which the release date of the upcoming update and […]

So Android 8 Oreo is here, what is the new dessert named mobile OS bringing?

Late last night, Google released the next version of their mobile operating system, Android. The new version of Android is going to be called Android 8 Oreo. Google has kept the name of the versions of Android to different types of dessert and until late yesterday, some people were curious as to what dessert would […]

How are drones being used commercially in the US and how can they be used in Zimbabwe?

Around the globe the public has had a wary eye on drone technology since it gained popularity in the mainstream market. Today’s hobbyist can fly drones under special rules drafted by the FAA in the US that allow for small unmanned aircraft flight so long as the model is within line of sight. Additionally, hobbyist […]

You really should use a password manager

I have no idea what my Techzim password is. If you held a gun to my head right now, I wouldn’t be able to tell you the first character of the password for my banking app. I wouldn’t even be able to tell you whether it’s a number, letter, or other character. That is the […]

Nokia reunites with Zeiss: will these changes help it get back to the top again?

The Nokia story sounds like one of the “the greats have fallen” type of stories. Question is, will HMD Global be able to turn the story into a “we rise again”??? Nokia was probably the boss of Symbian phones but once the iOS and android OS ‘got into the picture’, Nokia struggled to keep up. […]

My 3 favorite things from Apple’s WWDC 2017

It’s that time of the year again when Apple hosts its annual worldwide developers conference where they showcase the new stuff they have been working on and are soon to launch. Here are my favorite things from the conference. 1. Watch OS 4 The Apple watch is getting a new operating system version that adds […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 preorders go live in Zimbabwe

Samsung Zimbabwe has just announced that the Samsung 2017 flagships, the S8 and S8+ are now available for preorder. Globally, Samsung has been able to go live with preorders of the phone within a month. The phone went live for preorders in the US and other key markets on 30 March. In Africa, preorders went […]

Why the return of the Nokia 3310 is a brilliant move

When the Nokia 3310 was a big deal in Zimbabwe, back in 2003, I didn’t have a phone. I had never owned one. I was in college and couldn’t afford a phone. But this was one phone model I knew about. We all know about the Nokia 3310. It was one of the two most fashionable consumer […]

iOS users can now send WhatsApp messages when offline

iPhone users have been graced by a new update from WhatsApp that allows them to send messages whilst they are offline. How it does this is you can send a message with no connection and the messages are queued until the device is back online. Previously this was not possible as if the device was […]

WhatsApp working on a feature that informs your mates when your battery gets too low.

WhatsApp development forum WABeta says it is working on a feature that notifies the person you are video chatting with of your low battery.   In latest WhatsApp beta for Android versions, the user can receive a notification about low battery level during a call. #whatsappbeta — WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) January 29, 2017 WhatsApp beta […]

Ace Thinker’s no frills solution for an iPhone screen recorder

There are a number of screen recorders out there but none quite like the Ace iPhone screen recorder. The major takeaway is how completely simple it is to mirror a well as record your iPhone display on your Windows or Mac PC. The Application utilizes the iPhone or iPad’s Airplay protocol to connect to the […]

WhatsApp increases number of images you can send at a time

WhatsApp updates just keep rolling out with additional tweaks and additions every other day. The most recent one is the increase in the number of images an individual can send to 30 at a time from the previous 10. Recently WhatsApp has added 2 step verification to its inventory as well as a message revoking […]

Security Community Technosociology sheds more light on the alleged WhatsApp security flaw explaining why it is not a big deal.

Quite recently the internet was set alight with the news of WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption having a flaw that rendered it ‘unsafe’. We say ‘unsafe’ in quotes as information has surfaced from the security community, Technosociology, shedding more light on this vulnerability and explaining why it is not a big deal. In our recent article we […]

WhatsApp with all its security might not be as safe as you think.

From end-to-end encryption to 2 step verification and everything in between, WhatsApp has been going in hard to make it’s messaging application as secure as possible. This is always until their metal is tested which is what Tobias Boelter, a cryptography and security researcher at the University of California, Berkeley did. He discovered a vulnerability in […]

WhatsApp beefs up security with 2 step verification.

A while back WhatsApp introduced end-to-end encryption to insure no one taps your data before it gets to the destined individual. As a measure to beef up its security it has recently introduced a two step verification procedure summoned every time you register your number with WhatsApp. How to set it up Open WhatsApp and […]

No new prepaid electricity meters anytime soon- forex constraints

Over 100k households are still waiting for the installation of ZESA prepaid electricity metres with affected areas in Harare being Glen Norah, Mufakose, Mbare, Mabvuku and Dzivarasekwa. The second stage of the prepaid metre project was meant to see ZESA install up to 130k units for households and businesses in the areas mentioned above, however, […]

Your next WhatsApp update will let you delete sent messages!

Many a time you have sent a message to the wrong recipient and had quite some very embarrassing moments. It’s a predicament that WhatsApp users know all too well and one that might save some individuals major headaches, or actually create even more headaches. All depends on which end of the stick one is at. […]

From WhatsApp to Instagram, here is a list of interesting tech we didnt have 10 years ago

In the last decade, 2006-2016, tech has developed at a phenomenally rapid pace. Even in 3rd world countries like Zimbabwe, it has become slightly easier for people to access smartphones, computers and the internet. TechZim recently came across a list of technologies we didn’t have a decade ago and thought it would be interesting to share some […]

Does more megapixels mean better quality images?

So you are like me. Love to take photos and therefore own or want to own a phone with a very decent camera. Question is, what is a good camera? That’s not an easy question because now you have to ask what makes a good camera and no, bigger sensor or more Megapixels does not […]

Android 2.3 Gingerbread will be incompatible with future apps.

So the new release of Google Play Services (GPS) v10.0.0 will be the last to support Android 2.3 Gingerbread meaning starting early 2017 this version of Android will no longer support upcoming applications. Next scheduled release of GPS v10.2.0 will now support Android versions 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich and above. If you are familiar with […]

Apple iPads lead in a declining tablet market, here are the top 5 devices

In IDC’s (International Data Corporation) latest report, Apple recorded the highest amount of tablet device shipments continuing and increasing its worldwide market dominance despite recording a decline (-6,2%) in year-on-year growth from 2015. Apple recorded 9,3 million units shipped in comparison to 9,9 million units the previous year. The overall tablet market suffered a decline […]

Note 7 recall frenzy: Is it worth it to buy a smartphone from legit retailers?

So recently Samsung has been one of the most talked about OEM in the mobile device realm and it hasn’t been good news. Their Note 7 smartphone faced some battery issues that resulted in it being recalled in September, and again early October before it was quite recently cancelled completely. Now of course i’m sure […]

Samsung may be forced to stop production of its best ever smartphone

Mounting rumours suggest that Samsung may  pull the plug on its controversial Galaxy  Note 7 just days after reports of its replacement units succumbing to the same exploding battery issue. Earlier today, Yonhap, a usually reliable source based in South Korea (Samsung’s HQ) reported to have confirmation from a Samsung official confirming the halt on production […]

Surprising list of 4G/LTE smartphones available in Zimbabwe for under $150

Continuing with our series of smartphones available in Zimbabwe we decided to add an extra twist for the last installment by compiling a list of smartphones with LTE capability available on the local market for under $150 (Zimbabwe uses LTE Band 3 (1800) ). We decided to take this approach to show that LTE is […]

Brand new smartphones you can get in Zimbabwe for under $300

In the last couple of weeks, we have released both a list of the top 10 phones worldwide and a list of the best phones you can get in Zimbabwe for under $500. Continuing on with our search we have decided to compile a list of phones that match the following criteria: Network capabilities (LTE is a […]

Airline bans passengers from charging Samsung Galaxy Note 7s, recall and replacement process could prove tricky

Australian international airline Qantas has ordered owners of the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 against charging their phones aboard the plane. This follows an incident in Perth, Australia, where a burnt Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caused $1,800 worth of damage in a hotel room after it scorched the bed and carpet. image credit: reddit:crushradar According to […]

Comexposed Tech & Tips: Easy File Conversion with XnView

Ever encountered an image file with an extension you don’t have software for. Like CR2, RAW, PSD, CRD or other such for-geeks stuff. There’s freely available software you can use to convert to a more friendly format like JPG

The best drawing tablets for Africa – Comexposed Tech & Tips video

In this episode of Comexposed Tech & Tips, Tino Makoni explains what a great tablet for productive artists should have, reveals what tablets out there make the grade, and reviews one.

Tecno enters Zimbabwe, targets half a million phones within 12 months

If you’ve traveled around Africa, you’ve likely already come across a Tecno phone. They sell tens of millions of phones on the continent. Now they are entering Zimbabwe!

Windows 10 is not so Zim friendly, and here’s why

Windows 10 has been received with open arms even in Africa but after using it a couple of days you begin to understand how it is hungry for your bandwidth especially as it comes with forced security updates and P2P sharing among other features.