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Forget HongMeng, Here’s What Huawei’s Android Replacement OS May Actually Be Called

Saying Huawei is going through a rough patch would be a gross understatement. The company’s Android licence was revoked after being placed in the US Entity list and it currently has a 90-day permit to push out Android updates to its devices. On top of that, it has been banned from the SD Association. While […]

Old Laptop Infected With The World’s Most Dangerous Malware Is Selling For $1.2 million

What happens when the vastly different worlds of art and computer malware collide? The answer is an artwork called The Persistence of Chaos that’s going for US$1.2 million. The Persistence of Chaos is a work by Chinese digital artist Guo O Dong that is literally a 2008 Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-Inch Blue Netbook, infected with six […]

Huawei Gets Banned From Using Memory Cards (SD Cards) In It’s Smartphones

Bad news for Huawei continues as another industry figure has cut the Chinese company off. Huawei has been removed the from the SD Association, a non-profit group that sets the standards for SD and microSD cards. SD Association confirmed to Android Authority that it’s complying with the recent executive order that placed Huawei on the […]

More Trouble For Huawei As Microsoft Removes Huawei Laptops from Its Store

After Google’s restrictions on Huawei’s Android license, Microsoft has inflicted more pain on the Chinese company by stopping to sell Huawei laptops on its official store. While that would come as a big shock to Huawei, which is already reeling from the Android restrictions imposed on it, if Microsoft happens to ban Huawei from using […]

Huawei’s Android Replacement Smartphone OS Will Be Called HongMeng- Report

After Google restricted Huawei’s use of Android for its future smartphones, effectively cutting off Huawei from everything Google other than the Android Open Source Project, new reports from Chinese media have come out with the claim that Huawei’s in-house operating system (OS) for its smartphones will reportedly be called HongMeng. While it’s been an open […]

5 Google Play Store Alternatives For Huawei Users

With Google suspending business with Huawei and essentially preventing future Huawei handsets from accessing Google services, it has highlighted a problem that should be taken seriously: what should users do if they ever find themselves being unable to access the Google Play Store? The good news is that if you didn’t already know, there are […]

Huawei Gives A Vague Response To Google’s Ban

Huawei has now spoken since after Google suspended its license from using the Android software. Actually, the official statement addresses none of the burning questions Huawei fanatics have. Instead, it’s blowing its own trumpet by mentioning its contribution to the software ecosystem and also, promising to give security updates to users of its existing phones. […]

4 Apps To Check If Your Android Phone/Tablet Is Working Properly

Whether you want to test the performance of your phone, confirm the hardware configuration, or simply check if everything is working properly, there are apps on the Play Store that can help you get all the necessary info you need. Even if you are not specifically looking for a problem, it’s always a good practice […]

The World’s First 1TB microSD Card Is Now Up For Sale, But It’s Pricey

The first microSD cards capable of storing up to 1TB(Terabyte) of data are here. If you have got $450 burning a hole in your wallet, now you can spend it on a 1TB SanDisk Extreme microSDXC card. Retail sites like Amazon will soon be stocked with this microSD card. For that price you get not […]

What To Do And What Not Do If Your Phone Drops In Water

It happens to all of us eventually. Maybe it’s a spilled drink, or a dip in the toilet but the end result is a wet phone. In order to avoid expensive repair costs or being forced to buy an entirely new phone, wet phones need to be dried quickly to prevent damage. Here are some […]

How To Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

It’s not only our phones that we would like to preserve their power during the load shedding, but our beloved laptops too. There are things that you can do to save your laptop’s battery so that you can use these handy computers for long. Turn down your brightness Your display is a huge drain on […]

How To Check Which Apps Are Draining Your Battery On Your Android Phone

You can’t be too careful to make sure your phone’s battery is not being wasted by unecessary apps during the-just-started load shedding. To avoid spending hours without chatting because your battery has run dry, you can find out exactly where that power is going and then shut down unecessary apps. Android’s Battery screen shows you […]

How To Enable Dark Mode For Google Chrome On Your PC And Phone

Google is finally bringing dark mode support to its Chrome web browser. For the Google Chrome mobile app, users will have to enable the feature via Chrome flags. Chrome flags are similar to developer settings for the app, where users can find additional settings and test features. But for the Desktop version of Chrome, you […]

Your Android Phone Can Now Be A Security Key For Your Google Account

Two-factor authentication (2FA) helps to secure your online accounts by adding a second step to the login process. However, Google admits that hackers can still use advanced steps like fake login pages to bypass that security method. So as a way to further beef up your account’s security, Google has introduced a new way to […]

Opera Launches The First Desktop Browser With A Built-in Cryptowallet

Opera has launched Opera 60 desktop browser, codenamed Reborn 3, with Web 3 support, cryptowallet, VPN, and ad blocker. As Opera rightly put it in its blog post, Web 3 is an umbrella term for a bunch of technologies including blockchain and cryptocurrencies that will help to achieve a decentralized internet. Essentially, Opera’s Reborn 3 […]

Choose How Much You Want To Pay A Lawyer On LawBasket- A Platform To Hire Affordable Legal Services In Africa

Digitization is creeping in even in sectors which have historically been perceived as untouchable by technology. One such area is the legal world. Of course, technology/digitization hasn’t yet got crazy to the point of having robot lawyers, but technology is now popping up in the workflow of the legal world. LawBasket is a platform that […]

Use These Websites To Check Whether Your Online Accounts Were Hacked Or Not

Many users increasingly feel concerned about the safety of their data online as data breaches become quite common these days. If you are one among many people who would like to know whether your online accounts are safe or not, here are platforms you can use to check: Have I Been Pwned – This […]

Xiaomi To Focus More On The African Market

Xiaomi is a pretty popular brand but they have been seriously struggling in their home country with a reputation of making cheaper phones that people don’t want to be seen carrying. Fortunately, this hasn’t been an issue in India; a market that is obsessed with specs and cheaper phones. Xiaomi’s growth in India has probably […]

Android’s Pre-Installed Apps Will Soon Update Automatically Even If You Aren’t Signed Into Your Google Account

Software typically evolves through updates, where competent developers try to improve upon their apps by changing up the User Interface, introducing new features, and so on. However if users can’t be bothered to update them, then what the developer is trying to achieve through its software updates will fall through. This is why Google has […]

Watch: Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 Goes On A Rampage, Leaves A Trail Of Destruction

First of all Redmi is now a sub brand for Xiaomi’s budget phone line. This means that while we used to say Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 we now only have to say Redmi Note 7. Still the same phone company and awesome phones. In fact the Redmi Note 7 is so awesome it has inspired […]

Did Robert Mueller Really Break WhatsApp’s End To End Encryption? His Investigation Highlights WhatsApp’s Weaknesses

If the first question on your mind is who is Robert Mueller and what makes him special it means you haven’t been watching CNN for like two years but do not worry I have got you covered. You see there is no doubt that part of the reason why Hillary Rodman Clinton lost the US […]

What’s The Difference Between Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C?

So there’s something that constantly confused me when it comes to the new USB standard and how it’s implemented in mobile devices and laptops. When reviewers have laptops you may hear them mention that “this laptop has a USB-C port but it’s not Thunderbolt 3 capable”, while other laptops seem to have both Thunderbolt 3 […]

The Mi Pad 4 Might Just Be The Best Budget Tablet On The Market

In my house the remote wars can get pretty intense and elaborate. If you snooze you will find yourself watching the English Premiership League on your Ubuntu laptop together with the inconsistent picture quality due to poor internet and lack of hardware acceleration in Linux. For this reason I have been thinking hard about getting […]

TelOne Rolling Out Nationwide Face-Recognition Technology

TelOne is now planning to make our beloved country, a road-crime free country by installing face-recognition technology to help the authorities in apprehending law unabiding citizens. According to a BusinessTimes report, TelOne says the technology which will first be introduced in the city of Mutare, will also be widely rolled out at traffic lights (robots), […]

[Press Release] Zimbabwean Technology Distributor Wins Prestigious HP Awards

Global computer equipment maker, HP Inc, has recognised a Zimbabwean technology distributor, Innovative Technologies for being its top partner in the Southern African region. The local tech company won the top HP certified partner award for all the countries in the region outside South Africa. HP Inc recognised the company at a prestigious industry event held […]

Google Photos Express Backup Option Will Allow You To Save Data Whilst Backing Up Your Pictures

Google Photos is an amazing option that allows you to store your photos on the cloud at no cost. The only problem for people in countries such as ours is that data is quite expensive and this means apps such as Google Photos are out of the reach of many. Thankfully it seems that Google […]

InternZim Connects Students Looking For Attachments With Potential Employers

Finding attachments must be quite daunting, especially when you consider that for most students, these are their first steps into the ‘real world’. It would be very convenient if there was a way to make this process easier. This is exactly what InternZim is trying to do. InternZim is a website that aims to connect […]

What’s The Secret Behind Chinese Phones And Their Irresistible Value For Money?

Over the past few years, we have had a lot of Chinese brands pull-up their socks and start making amazing phones at a budget. Ok, maybe amazing is a bit of an over-statement but surely for the money you’re spending on these devices (think OnePlus, Xiaomi, Honor, Vivo & Realme just to name a few) […]

Tuning your Intel Graphics Card in Ubuntu 18.04

Over a year ago I wrote a guide on how you could tweak and tune your Intel graphics card in Ubuntu and hopefully a lot of people were able to get a better experience out of it. The article has a surprising popular hit and to this day  scores of people still visit the page […]

Biometric Registration To Be Introduced To Get Rid Of Ghost Workers, Says The President

Zimbabwe will now have to bank on biometric technology to manage the rising wage bill and get rid of ghost workers. I mean the government might finally do away with the ghost workers that has haunted it for years, with the wage bill becoming unsustainable leading the Treasury to struggle to pay the ‘real’ civil […]