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SmartSurveyApp Is An Interesting App That Uses Machine Learning To Conduct High Quality Surveys

Ask one person for advice, and it’s hard to know whether they can be trusted. Ask a hundred, though, and you will see a clearer picture start to come together. That’s democracy or the more modern term crowdsourcing, and it’s one of the best ways to gather insight. Whether you are designing a new product, […]

ZIMRA Working On Replacing Humans With Technology To Reduce Corruption By Employees

Information Communication Technology (ICT) has a great potential to improve revenue collection by automating processes, better servicing taxpayers and increasing compliance. That’s why, ZIMRA is working on the development and implementation of ICT in its tax collection process to ultimately reduce or replace humans. The country’s tax collector, ZIMRA that this initiative is one way […]

Some Headaches Can Be Resolved Simply By Engaging Experts!!

The Fall Of The 1990s Bus Operators Growing up we used to know many bus operators that plied many routes and we would see them everywhere because they were famous. Those bus operators just vanished off the roads and up to this day very few of them are still operational. Most of the old folk […]

Learn More About Python Programming This October At The PyCon Zim Conference

Time to learn Python programming with PyCon. PyCon Zimbabwe is holding a conference that will give developers, both seasoned and aspiring a chance to “share knowledge, learn about new technologies, contribute to technologies they use and above all network with other developers from different parts of the globe”. Who is is Pycon? PyCon Zim is a […]

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter Partner For A ‘Data Project’ That Will Help You Easily Move Your Data Between Various Platforms

Google has joined hands with tech giants such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter to launch an ambitious initiative that will make it much easier for users to transfer their data securely between different services, ranging from social media accounts to music streaming service platforms. The initiative called the Data Transfer Project (DTP), will “allow the participating service […]

Google Chrome’s “Heavy Page Capping” Will Alert You About Web Pages That Consume Lot Of Data

Google Chrome has a very exciting new feature in the testing process to help users quickly find out which of the pages they access consume too much data. The feature is called, ‘Heavy Page Capping’ and it will be available on both computers and mobile phones. Heavy Page Capping will warn users when they try and […]

Most Firewalls Are Failing To Protect Companies From Hacks And Infections: Sophos Seminar

Many organizations believe they are too small (or inconspicuous) a target for hackers to attack. Earlier, cybercriminals may have agreed with that assessment, but that perspective is rapidly changing in this cyber world. Today, hackers view an individual or organization’s data as an attractive and low-hanging fruit. Without the need to get past sophisticated corporate […]

Accoleisure App Is One Of The Best Tour Guides To The Best Spots And Events In Zim?

If you are interested in tourism, one of the major necessities is always having a good guide that can direct you to the best places to stay, exciting activities or events is vital. Even if you are not into tourism, having such a guide is invaluable as you can discover various events or places that […]

A Higher Mouse Sensitivity Figure (DPI) Doesn’t Mean It’s That Much Better

When we go to buy a mouse we find that the companies announce the DPI as one of the accessory’s best characteristics. However, we are going to debunk that myth. Having a higher DPI in our mouse is not the best option when it comes time to play games. Why? The DPI is the most […]

Chartered Accountants May Be Interested In ICAZ’s New App

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe recently introduced an app specifically for it’s members. The application is meant to act as a hub for members to get easy access to events, fellow members and information related to exams. Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect when you install the application… Alerts […]

A Zim Health Organisation Is Looking For Developers For An App That Supports People Living With HIV

A local organization, Organization for Public Health Interventions & Development (OPHID) is looking for developers who can develop an Application (App). OPHID is a “Zimbabwean organization that develops and implements innovative approaches and strategies to strengthen the provision of quality HIV prevention, care, and treatment services”. OPHID, through the FACE Consortium, works with the Ministry of Health […]

Innovation In Smartphones Is Dead! Let’s Talk About The Oppo Find X

The 2008 VMA’s will be forever etched in history because of Kanye West’s moment of madness. The Hip-Hop star interrupted Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech for her Video of the Year award and said: ‘Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you and Imma’ let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos […]

One App For All Your Bank USSD Codes: You’ll Never Have To Remember A USSD Code Again

If you use mobile banking or USSD codes, in general, then you’ll know how hard it is to remember all those. There are so many of them and the situation is made worse if you are a subscriber on more than one network or you bank with more than one bank. If you are constantly […]

Whatsapp To Let Users Recover Photos Deleted Months Ago

An upcoming Whatsapp update will allow users to recover media files that were deleted months ago. This is a welcome feature but it does come with a few caveats. What’s changed? Well, the Whatsapp servers would only keep media for a maximum of 30 days and after that users could no longer download media files. […]

ZITF Has An App Detailing All The Exhibitors and Sessions For 2018’s Trade Fair: Quite Useful

The Zimbabwe International Trade Fair will be held from the 24th to the 28th of this month in Bulawayo. In line with this event, ZITF has made an app that will help people attending the event navigate their way around the stands and also know when which sessions will be held. The load times are […]

I’m Moving Away From Opera Mini And Here Are The Reasons Why

According to the most recent estimates by the UN, as of March 2018 the world population lies at 7.6 billion. That means of the entire world population, about 13%(1billion) has watched the video of the song Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye (Featuring Kimbra). It’s arguably one of the most popular break-up songs […]

Google Brings Job Searching Platform To Africa

Google launched their job-hunting platform, Google For Jobs, on the 1st of March. Initially, the platform will only be available in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. What is Google For Jobs? For Jobs enables job seekers to search for jobs based on the area you are in or a specific field. The search is conducted […]

Econet Introduces Bud-e, A Chatbot To Help With Enquiries

Econet has just introduced a chatbot that users can interact with on via Facebook Messenger. The bot is called Bud-e and can help users with : EcoCash Pin Resets PUK Request Internet Settings EcoCash Reversals and More Before Bud-E can serve you, it(Chatbots have no gender right?) will walk you through a verification process and check […]

Google Targets Countries Like Zim With New Software For Cheaper Smartphones

With sales slowing down in major markets (i.e Europe, USA, Australia etc) the focus is now shifting from flashy devices to developing markets and the entry-level phones that are more accessible to people in these markets. Android Oreo(Go Edition) might be the solution to your data usage and storage woes. Right now about half of […]

New Samsung App replaces Opera Data Saving App

Last year Opera discontinued their data management app, Opera Max. This came as a huge blow to third world users as the app enabled users to manage data usage and observe which apps consumed data aggressively. Samsung steps in… Samsung has now taken over the app and renamed it to Samsung Max. The app has […]

Instagram Adds New Features To Bolster Security & Send Pics That Disappear After One View

Instagram’s latest update focuses on security with a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) system now available. Instagram also added a ‘One View’ feature to the Instagram Direct messaging service. In a bid to better protect user’s data Instagram now offers a 2FA option to log into one’s account. As we reported when Whatsapp started offering 2FA, the […]

Tech Issue At The Courts May Delay Election Roadmap

The election roadmap is facing a stumbling block due to a court issue over the software required to ensure legitimacy during the voting process. Laxton Group Ltd won the tender to supply the BVR kits that have been used during the voter registration process. Laxton Group argue that ZECs decision to award the de-duplication tender to […]

Rejoice Chrome Users, Your Browser Will Now Have An Ad Blocker Pre-Installed . This Is How It Will Work

If you use the Google Chrome web browser you have reason to celebrate. Chrome will now block ads that don’t live up to Better Ads Standards. Not all ads will be blocked… The service will not be similar to other ad blockers such as AdBlock Plus or uBlock Origin, which block every ad a page […]

Is OPPO Really Offering Value For Money?

Oppo recently introduced a selection of new devices at their local store. This is a good move since local consumers have more devices to choose from, however we have to check if OPPO is really offering potential customers value for money.   OPPO A37 The A37 is the OPPO device for those on a budget […]

The Processor Powering Your Phone Is Being Used In Windows Laptops Too

We really have come a long way when it comes to computing power in smartphones. These pocket computers we carry in our pockets are more powerful than ever before. In mobile computing systems on chips (SoCs) are popular because of their low power consumption. An SoC integrates a microcontroller (or microprocessor) with peripherals like graphics processing unit (GPU), Wi-Fi module and […]

The ZIMRA E-Services Platform Is Down, Make Plans For Manual Submission

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) launched an e-services platform, which is an online system that handles a number of tax obligations electronically back in 2015. The platform has helped ease the frustrations that came with interacting with ZIMRA employees in person. The platform is down at the moment. Well, not down completely but you can’t submit […]

Tips To Make Your Windows 8 PC Smoother And Efficient

Windows 8 is definitely one of the best version of Windows operating system. It is speedy, uses less memory and has a classy and simple user interface. However, with regular usage and unwanted applications, your system tends to run slow. To speed up your windows 8, you can make little changes to the system settings. […]

Google Chrome improves on security by adding some new features to Chrome Cleanup

If you like using Google, it only makes sense to be using Chrome as your default browser right? Wrong, well at least not in Zim. In Zimbabwe stats prove that the most used browser is actually Opera mini. That’s probably because data prices are quite high hence leaving Opera Mini as the go to browser […]

It is time you got rid of your Windows Phone (Lumia), Microsoft confirms it’s dead

Windows Phone is dead. This is not a joke on the low market share Windows Phone has in the smartphone industry dominated by Android and iOS. Microsoft, the company behind the smartphone operating software has literally given up the ghost. In all we are going to discuss the takeaway should be, GET RID OF YOUR […]

Google is spending $1.1 Billion cash for part of HTC mobile team

Today, Google announced an agreement that they have made with HTC. The agreement will see Google paying HTC $1.1 Billion in cash for some people who are part of HTC’s mobile division. As part of the agreement, Google will also get a nonexclusive license for HTC intellectual property. The two companies have been partners for […]