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WhatsApp’s latest update focuses on gender equality emoji

As if the previous inventory of emoji was not enough, Whatsapp has pushed out an update with a whole entourage of new emoji. If you look closely you will see how WhatsApp is trying to resolve gender equality in the new inventory of emoji putting male and female versions of each human emoji. Careers also […]

Online activist & #ThisFlag founder Evan Mawarire returns to Zimbabwe, arrested on arrival

Evan Mawarire, the pastor and political activist behind the #ThisFlag online campaign has been arrested at Harare International Airport. This was Mawarire’s return to Zimbabwe ever since he left in 2016. Mawarire’s #ThisFlag campaign drew a lot of followers and created engagement in political issues and the hashtag was closely associated with protests against the lack […]

Ruvheneko interviews Stunner on Facebook Live, highlights traditional media disruption

The Stunner and Olinda drama that grabbed the attention of every Zimbabwean on social media recently isn’t over yet and while it has just shone some light on the opportunity for content creation it’s also exposed another avenue for media. Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa, the journalist and radio/TV personality will interview Stunner live on social media. Her platform […]

Social media wins again – Stunner & Olinda “drama” shows dominance of online content

Stunner and Olinda If you are a Zimbabwean with any sort of interest in social media you obviously came across a flood of content on the public breakup between Zimbabwean rapper Stunner and his wife Olinda. On the 5th of January Olinda recorded an emotional Facebook Live video complaining about Stunner’s infidelity and dumping him. […]

How to check if your WhatsApp will work on your phone in 2017

Just to set the record clear, there are some devices that will no longer be supported by WhatsApp at the beginning of 2017 (1 January) and some that have had their support extended until 30 June 2017. The devices no longer supported from 2017 onwards are: Android 2.1 Android 2.2 Windows Phone 7 iPhone 3GS/ iOS […]

Reports surface of WhatsApp not working on older phones

Techzim has received reports that WhatsApp is no longer working on some older devices namely Nokia’s running on Symbian S40 and S60 as well as Blackberry’s running on Blackberry OS. The reports were being circulated via images on TechZim’s WhatsApp groups which show devices refusing to enter the application with the device owners greeted with […]

Facebook Messenger introduces Group Video Chat feature, lets you talk with up to 50 people

Social media giant Facebook just made yet another attempt to become everything in new age communication – it has launched a new feature on its Messenger platform – Group Video Chat. As the name suggest this allows you to make a video with people in a group and chat with all of them simultaneously via a screen […]

WhatsApp is NOT news! – Social media’s dominance in Zimbabwean internet use creates fertile ground for fake news

Zimbabwe hasn’t been immune to the challenges of fake news. Other than the emergence of news platforms that rely on clickbait there is also the impact of internet access being limited largely to social media.

Social Media now a prefered crowdfunding platform

Social media is fast becoming a place for anyone to push what they have to the world and varies from “10 000 likes for beating cancer” to crowd funding for charitable initiatives which Mr Rabison Shumba has been busy with lately. This motivational speaker is heavy on social media with his recent initiative under the […]

From instant messaging to instant games. Facebook has you covered

Facebook has been very busy this year with the launch of Facebook for Business sprinkling a dash of seriousness to the social media space. Now Facebook has introduced instant games in their Messenger app. So now you have a way to curb the awkward silence and cold shoulders with a couple of arcade classics. Let her […]

Everyone (iOS, Android & Windows Mobile) will have WhatsApp video calling in its next official update!

WhatsApp video calling will now be available to all its users and all platforms in its next official app update. Android, Windows Mobile, and iOS users can expect to have the feature available which will allow video calling across all OS platforms. Previously the video calling feature was only available in beta (testing) versions of […]

Worldwide Twitter traffic doubled on US Presidential election night showing the world its true potential and identity

Twitter recorded a 100% spike in traffic over the US election night, the first positive news Twitter has received in a year that has seen them fail to secure a serious buyer and plan to lay off 300 workers. However, the news doesn’t come as much of a surprise to us, in fact, it confirms our shared assessment of what the […]

Is Snapchat really worth $40 billion?

Earlier this month news broke out that Snapchat Inc. had chosen Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs to lead their initial public offering (IPO) as the company gears up to go public soon.  Snapchat Inc’s last private funding round raised $1,8 Billion in investments from across the world as private investors rushed to get a piece of what is […]

Android users were not the first to get WhatsApp video calling

Yesterday we were excited to find out WhatsApp has started testing out Video Calling on Android devices through the release of a beta (testing) version of its popular app. However, Android users were not the first to get this cool new feature, Windows phone users were the first to get a hold of it! As […]

Twitter’s judgement day is tomorrow and its already looking like doomsday

Twitter is struggling and the final nail in its coffin could be announced on Thursday as Twitter makes public its Q3 financial results and the whole tech world is interested to see how far gone Twitter really is. In recent weeks Twitter has failed to attract buyers most likely owing to it’s continued poor financial form […]

WhatsApp video calling now available on Android

WhatsApp video call is now active on Android through a new beta (testing) version.  We tried it out this morning and we guess its still in testing phase as the video quality was not as good as we’ve seen on other video calling enabled apps like Google’s *Duo, WeChat or IMO (Could be that WhatsApp […]

Say hello to the Techzim bot. Go ahead, greet her!

So we now have a Facebook Messenger bot. She’s been live 2 weeks now actually so if you’ve tried to contact us via our FB page, chances are you communicated with a bot. First things first, before we introduce her – while she can respond to some of your random questions, she’s not a let’s-talk-about-anything bot. Her primary purpose is […]

Our interview with the 3 ladies who started Snapchat sensation ZimConnect, the ZBC we all wish we had?

TechZim reached out to ZimConnect for an exclusive interview on their Snapchat sensation which has entertained Zimbabwean youth from all walks of life. ZimConnect provides a platform to showcase your life whilst sharing your opinions and touching on subjects affecting Zimbabwean youth all over the world. Each day on ZimConnect offers a whole new exciting experience, […]

WhatsApp competitor WeChat will soon have a drone that streams live content directly to your chats

As audacious as the title may sound it will soon be a reality come the 31st of October when Tencent, owners of WeChat, launch their own “Ying” drone which is capable of live streaming directly to WeChat. Not only is this drone the first of its kind, it is also rumoured to be to be […]

Facebook Messenger testing new “data saver” feature and how you can be a part of it

In efforts to reduce mobile data consumption, Facebook has started testing a “data saver” option on its Messenger mobile application. The feature is currently available to anyone interested in helping facebook test it through a trial update currently only available for Android devices via The feature is currently available to anyone interested in helping facebook […]

Zimbabwe Politicians on Twitter, a case of double edged sword?

Over the past couple of months, Twitter has become Zimbabwe’s hub of political campaigns, debate, and banter. If you want to know the latest news, Twitter is probably your first port of call. The flow of information is immersive. Real-time micro-blogging with shocking depths of information in a 140 character block, a Tweet is so […]

Here’s how Zimbabwean brands (& individuals) can get their Twitter accounts verified

As social media increasingly becomes an important way to communicate vital information all serious brands need to consider this option. The fact that Twitter opened this up ought to get more entities to verify their accounts so that they share the real information that clears some false communication.

Facebook launches a business version of its social networking platform

image credit: Facebook Newsroom Earlier today Facebook launched its “Workplace by Facebook” product which utilizes Facebook’s social networking for family and friends principles and  applies it to your organization’s environment to network with your co-workers. basically, it’s Facebook for work. The project was initially launched a year ago to a select few companies and through […]

Americans register to vote through Messenger – just another show of what Zimbabwe won’t adopt

To register, a citizen types a greeting which will generate a response from the bot in the form of a menu of options. These will include stuff like a polling location finder and registration options together with supporting links.

Parliament of Zimbabwe to live blog its official opening, embraces digital to share legislative processes

The Parliament of Zimbabwe is set to live blog its official opening as it embraces the use of digital channels to share legislative processes.

It’s not just you, Facebook is down!

If you have tried accessing Facebook in the past 30 minutes, you probably struggled to load a page. It’s not just you,. Facebook appears to be down. The problem seems to have started at about 6PM (Zimbabwe time). As we write this, it’s still down. Users of several networks locally have confirmed that they are unable […]

Online dating app Tinder now makes you pay to be noticed first, shows you how to make money from a dating service

Tinder, the online dating service/app, has found a great way to monetize its service, you now pay to get noticed first. Firstly, for those who have never heard of Tinder, it’s an online dating app. Tinder uses your current GPS location to match you with potential suitors who you share common interests with. The application uses […]

Allo, Google’s messaging app serves up artificial intelligence brilliantly, but still won’t beat WhatsApp

Allo, Google’s messaging app serves up artificial intelligence brilliantly, but in Zimbabwe it still won’t beat WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s latest features let you tag people in group chats and edit your selfies

So what’s the latest feature on WhatsApp? Well, there are actually are a number of new additions for users who have signed up for Beta testing and are on the latest version the app.

#LongerTweets are finally coming to Twitter as microblogging service extends its 140 character limit

Good news for all those folks frustrated by how “limited” Twitter expression is – From the 19th of September Twitter is extending the 140 character limit by disregarding the character count from certain types of content.