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Let’s All Switch To Telegram

By now you should have heard that there’s a messaging app that is like Whatsapp and it’s called Telegram. (If not, oh well…it happens) But for the ordinary Zimbabwean why should you consider using Telegram? Here are a few reasons why Telegram is appealing and why you should try it out and give it a […]

WhatsApp’s New ‘Reply Privately’ Feature Will Let You Reply Privately To Group Chat Messages

WhatsApp may be gearing up to ruin part of our experience on the app by introducing ads in Status,  but at the same time, the messaging giant continually keeps adding handy new features to enhance our user experience. WhatsApp users will soon get a new feature called ‘Reply Privately’ that will be available in group chats. […]

Now That Your WhatsApp Supports Stickers Here’s Where You Can Download Them

The excitement around WhatsApp stickers is REAL! As with any new feature, those who have it have been flexing on those who don’t but I’m pretty sure everyone will have the feature in the coming days. So now that you have the feature or you are just preparing for it what’s next? Well, a logical […]

Here Is A WhatsApp Bot That Helps To Know Which Nearest Fuel Station Has Fuel: Simply Type Your Location

So yesterday, we got you acquainted with social media groups that have emerged which give you updates about that have fuel stations have fuel. Now, one Zim tech company, Intelli Africa Solutions developed a WhatsApp bot that makes it way easier to know which fuel station in your area has fuel. While the social media groups […]

New Social Media Groups Popping Up Giving Zimbabweans Updates About Fuel Stations With Fuel

Necessity is the mother of invention, we all know that. If you don’t subscribe you need not look beyond Zimbabwe. Right now, Zimbabwe is being hit by virtually every problem that you can think of associated with economic problems. One such is fuel shortages. In response to the fuel shortages some innovative or rather ‘social […]

You Can Now Send Stickers On WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s development cycle is always crazy!! The IM is constantly getting new features and just recently we heard of the incoming biometric features they’ll be adding and also a dark mode that might follow. Though these features aren’t out the gate yet, one new feature that is out of the gate right now is the […]

WhatsApp Will Soon Allow Users To Unlock The App Using A Fingerprint Or Facial Recognition

When WhatsApp isn’t making the rounds for some fake news controversies, the application is seeing some useful revisions being added. This cycle goes on and since yesterday we talked about WhatsApp and the effect it’s had on the Brazilian elections, today there’s information concerning new features. WhatsApp is said to be working on bringing Touch […]

Chiredzi Residents Threaten To Demonstrate Over Nurses Who Are Always On WhatsApp And Neglecting Duties

The introduction of smartphones is a revolutionary invention in mobile history, and so did the introduction of mobile applications, for instance, the mobile application WhatsApp. WhatsApp is utilized by many Zimbabweans with smartphones. Its free facility to exchange text, photos, videos, forward jokes, and other information, although good, has resulted in its excessive use such […]

WhatsApp’s ‘Fake News’ Struggles Continue As The Platform Is Being Used To Interfere With Brazilian Elections

A month ago, it was reported that Facebook was upping its efforts against election interference on their social media platform. They were said to be building a war room that would be used to fight misinformation relating to elections all over the world. We all saw first-hand how hard it is to know what’s trustworthy […]

WhatsApp To Come Up With Two New Features: Instagram Account Linking And Vacation Mode for Archived Chats

WhatsApp continues to improve its app with new features meant to enhance engagement and user experience, in an attempt to remain relevant in a pretty competitive market. The social media giant is reportedly planning to bring three new features to its app soon, including linking accounts to Instagram, in order to improve chat and notifications […]

New Method Lets Attackers Hijack WhatsApp Account Via Voicemail

WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption feature ensures that our conversations remain private, but the platform itself is vulnerable to a simple attack which can hijack a user’s WhatsApp account. The method, which was discovered last year, can be used to take over the WhatsApp account of a target by stealing the verification code sent to their voicemail […]

ZimFact Is Zimbabwe’s Fact Checking Platform & They Can Help You Separate Real News From ‘Fake News’

So fake news has become a mainstay of modern society… I think if you ask the developers of all social media platforms, one thing they regret is that their platforms have made it easy to spread falsehoods on a destructively huge scale. Remember when there was an oil shortage in the country because of a […]

WhatsApp Working On A Feature That Reduces Eye Strain: Dark Mode

Dark theme support seems to have become the latest trend and it’s quickly catching heat. App makers have started embracing it with open arms, including Google, and now it looks like WhatsApp may finally join in on the fun with its own dark mode. Yes, you heard that right. WhatsApp is said to be working on […]

Facebook, WhatsApp And Instagram Went Down, Users Around The World Left Frustrated

Facebook and its other social media platforms, Instagram and WhatsApp, temporarily went down late on Monday in the US, Canada and various other parts of the world. During the service outage, some users were unable to log in while others only failed to post anything or communicate with friends. Although the issue has since been […]

WhatsApp Says Backups On Google Drive Are Not Protected By Encryption

In what some may describe as shocking or perhaps unacceptable, WhatsApp has announced that backed-up chats, messages, images, and videos on Google Drive are not protected by end-to-end encryption. In a message posted on the FAQ section of its official blog, WhatsApp says that “Media and messages you back up aren’t protected by WhatsApp end-to-end […]

If You Have A Nokia Lumia Or Any Other Windows 8 Phone, It’s Time To Switch Phones

Windows 8 was never too popular. On Desktop, very few were fans of the interface which was aimed at touch screens at a time when touch screens on laptops were a rarity and for a large part they still are. On mobile there were no apps on Windows 8 and as such both the desktop […]

Whatsapp Partners With Google To Bring Unlimited Cloud Backups Via Google Drive

In an unlikely but welcome union, WhatsApp has joined forces with Google to ensure that Google Drive backups on the cloud become unlimited to WhatsApp users. I’m sure at some point we’ve come across a prompt on WhatsApp to backup chats, and the prompt also asks if backups will be stored locally or on Google […]

Apparently, WhatsApp Messages Can Be Intercepted And Altered Due To A Security Flaw

WhatsApp cannot seem to catch a break! With the Indian government breathing down their necks because of recent events involving fake news it is now being reported that due to a security flaw Whatsapp messages can be intercepted and altered. Encryption is not enough? This flaw was uncovered by Check Point Research –a research firm that […]

WhatsApp Will Soon Allow Users To View YouTube and Instagram Videos In The WhatsApp App Itself With ‘Picture-To-Picture Mode’ Feature

WhatsApp had recently launched the much-awaited feature group calls for voice and video. Now, the messaging platform is working on a feature called Picture-In-Picture  (PIP) mode for Android. The PIP  feature will allow its users to continue their video calls or watching videos on a small window while chatting and browsing in WhatsApp (without the […]

WhatsApp Finally Attempting To Monetize And Business Users Will Be The First To Get Charged

Back when WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Business in September last year, they promised that business users will get charged at some point. Well, it seems that point is arriving sooner than most expected. WhatsApp business has over 3 million users and WhatsApp are now releasing a business API that will bring a number of changes to […]

WhatsApp To Introduce Adverts In WhatsApp Status Next Year

Before the acquisition of WhatsApp by the social networking giant Facebook, the instant messaging application did charge an annual fee from its users. However, since 2016 it has been free to use WhatsApp. Well, now it seems that WhatsApp is going to raise revenue by showing advertisements on the platform. According to the Wall Street Journal, WhatsApp […]

WhatsApp To Start Charging Business Users For Sending Messages To Customers As It Introduces New “Tools”

Its now 4 years after Facebook bought WhatsApp for $22 billion. It might seem like an astronomical price to pay for a messaging platform, but it came with the data of the one billion people that used it. Until now, Facebook did not attempt to monetize the platform. But with both the original founders of […]

Whatsapp To Bring Payments To Their Messaging Platform Soon As They Get Green Light From Indian Government

Whatsapp is under pressure in India. The Indian government recently accused Whatsapp of inciting the recent mob killings in India and the government basically asked Whatsapp to deal with the fake news problem, or else… With Whatsapp users in India making up a large part of the messaging services  overall user base, Whatsapp has reacted […]

You Are Now Able To Make WhatsApp Group Video And Audio Calls

Back in May, WhatsApp said it will roll out group voice and video calling feature in coming months. Now, the feature is live for all Android and iOS users across the globe. The WhatsApp group call feature lets you have four people on a call at the same time. According to WhatsApp, both one-to-one voice and video calls and […]

Whatsapp Admin In India Spends 5 Months Behind Bars For A Message Forwarded By Someone Else

A 21-year-old student in India has been in prison for the last 5 months because he was the admin in a group that an offensive message had been forwarded. The message was then reported to the authorities. The person who sent the message and the admin were arrested. His family has tried to argue that […]

How WhatsApp Is Aiding Criminal Activity, We Should Copy The Shady Guys

The ease of communication provided by WhatsApp is a blessing to all of us. The messaging app has made it much simpler and cheaper to stay connected even with relatives across the globe. This has also brought its share of problems. WhatsApp is allowing criminals to be isolated from each other but at the same […]

WhatsApp Will Soon Introduce A ‘Mark as Read’ Feature Within Its Notification

WhatsApp could soon add a new option shortcut feature in the notifications of your WhatsApp. The messaging app is getting a similar functionality to other apps such as Gmail with a ‘Mark As Read’ button in notifications. When you receive a WhatsApp notification, you will see a new option called ‘Mark As Read’ below the […]

WhatsApp is Offering $50 000 If You Can Come Up With A Solution To Curb Fake News On Its Platform

WhatsApp is considered as one of the most reliable and easiest ways of communicating with anyone in the world. There are many positive sides to WhatsApp, like easily sending audios, videos, texts to anyone at any time. Also, through WhatsApp, any message can be spread worldwide in minutes. The spread of these messages can be […]

Can Your Sim Card Be Hacked?

The message below has been circulating on Whatsapp. SIM SWAP FRAUD Dear All, Please lets be very careful.. There is a new HIGH TECH FRAUD in town called the SIM SWAP FRAUD and hundreds of persons are already VICTIMS. How it works 1 A new fraud called SIM SWAP has started. Your phone network will […]

Dear WhatsApp, I Have One Small Request

Dear WhatsApp or Facebook (the parent) Largely I am happy with the new changes that keep coming up especially when it comes to groups and the experience in groups. I particularly liked the introduction of a feature that allows group admins to silence noise makers. Thank you. I also liked that you did not just […]