Wabona and the internet opportunity for pay-per-view video streaming in Africa

We were recently in touch with Simukayi Mukuna, one of the two co-founders of a new pay-per-view video streaming service called Wabona. The service was launched in beta in November last year, and the Wabona team has since been accepted into a 88mph startup incubator in South Africa. it was great opportunity therefore for us to hear out their perspectives and plans withe the service.

BiNu hires former ForgetMeNot Africa CEO to grow biNu in Africa

BiNu, the smartphone in the cloud company has hired former ForgetMeNot Africa CEO, Jeremy George, to help grow biNu users and usage in Africa. We met with George last week in Harare and he discussed their strategy on the continent going forward, the sum of which is to grow content and users.
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Is Telecel Red a ripoff?

Last week, Telecel launched what the company may consider to be their biggest product launch of this year; Telecel Red. The product is basically an attempt to attract subscribers to post-paid contracts – the contracts 95% of Africans are known to shy away from.

Telecel reduces price of 3G modems to US $30

Telecel announced early today via an SMS to subscribers the reduction of its 3G modems price from US $45 to $30. Subscribers will also get 300mb of data along with a new modem. We’re told it’s a promotion, which means the deal has an expiry date.

Agribank CEO, Sam Malaba, encourages banks to integrate with EcoCash

Agribank has become the latest Zimbabwean bank to integrate with the EcoCash mobile money transfer system. The announcement was made today at a press conference jointly held by the bank and Econet Wireless today in Harare. The integration is basically the same as that which Econet has secured with 3 banks so far i.e. to allow EcoCash customers to transfer money between their Agribank account and their EcoCash wallet, and the ability to do that even when they are out of the country.

Econet to split shares 10 to 1 to make them more accessible

Econet just sent out a press release today to basically say they’d like to go back to their founding roots when the majority of the company’s shares where in the hands of ordinary people, and that to do that they will be splitting the company's shares 10 to 1.
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Econet on EcoCash open access: “Hey banks, here’s the deal…”

Yesterday, Econet made an announcement via a release to assure the market that issues (these, issues) have been resolved with “virtually all banks” and that if everything works according to plan, all banks that want to be connected to EcoCash, would be integrated by end of March 2013. According to the release Econet is apparently responding to fears by some financial institutions that they’ll lose customer to EcoCash integrated banks.

CultureShift Zimbabwe tech and cultural sector challenge – Ideation Day 1

Today was the first of the two day Culture Shift Ideation, an event to get software developers, designers, creative arts people and entrepreneurs to find solutions to problems in the arts sector that can be solved by technology. It was great having individuals and organisations from the arts side get to learn of the possibilities tech platforms avail locally.

Press Release: Pastel launches cloud computing for small businesses

Pastel Software Zimbabwe will on March 12 launch Sage Pastel My Business Online, a cloud‑based accounting programme designed for start-up and small businesses that enables them to do their accounts online from anywhere in the world. This web-based business software solution can be accessed from anywhere using a computer, iPad, smartphone or even an iPhone, as it has an iPhone application.

Windows closing the Linux gap?

I thought it wise to start with a disclaimer: This is not a Windows vs. Linux article. God knows enough of those have been written much to the chagrin of penguin lovers. It just seems to me like Linux is slipping it terms of their bug swatting vigilance.

Appfrica announces 2012 Apps4Africa business challenge winners

Appfrica announced today the winners of the 2012 Apps4Africa business app challenge. The three winners of the 3rd edition of the challenge are startups from Nigeria, Uganda and Ghana. Each of the three will get US $10,000. The winning startups were selected from a list of 30 finalists announced 3 weeks ago.

The fact sheet: Telecel Red packages

Today, Telecel launched its Telecel Red product, which is basically a fixed payment plan platform meant to attract subscribers back to the post-paid plans (contract lines). We posted a press release from the company earlier. The product is targeting the middle to upper income bracket customers, who according to information so far, will get preferential treatment as customers in terms of support.

EcoCash & Stanbic integrate. CEO Mboweni comments on ZimSwitch integration

We’re just from a press conference where Econet Wireless and Stanbic Bank announced the integration of Econet’s mobile money transfer platform, EcoCash, with Stanbic’s banking system allowing EcoCash subscribers to transfer money from and to their Stanbic accounts. Selected branches of Stanbic will also act as EcoCash Super Agents allowing EcoCash agents and customers to do EcoCash transactions.