WhatsApp hits new usage record: 27 billion messages a day!

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whatsappMessaging app company, WhatsApp Inc, announced yesterday that its globally popular app now processes an impressive 27 billion messages a day! The announcement was made on twitter by the company’s official account:

The app has grown phenomenally since launch just a few years ago becoming the dominant messaging. Just two months ago, WhatsApp announced that the platform was processing a total 20 billion messages a day. The growth therefore appears not to be slowing down despite emerging competition mainly from Asian messaging startups.

WhatsApp describes itself as “an amazing SMS replacement app” allowing smartphone users to cheaply send text and multimedia files to each other using the internet for a fraction of the SMS cost. The app is available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Nokia Symbian and Nokia S40 mobile phone platforms.


  1. Time

    I still don’t get how Whatsapp is going to monetize properly…sure they charge that $1 after a year but mines been freely extended for another 2 years so I don’t see how they are really making an revenue though Im sure they are receiving funding from VCs…or maybe they’re receiveing money from the US government…mmmm..lol

    1. Greg Kawere

      whatsapp has at least 300 million users it charges $1 for 1 year subscription.

      Whatapp allows the subscription to rollover for some users so that they dont pay the yearly subscription as a way to bring more users to the platform.

      If you remember they started not charging at all, then slowly introduced the subscription.

      Thats a guaranteed revenue of usd $250 million of revenue under the assumption that it lets say 50 million of its users subscribe for free as a means of marketing.

      Their business model needs to draw in more users. Whatsapp is growing faster than Facebook & Twitter.

      Twitter currently has 200 million users which is less than Whatsapp. Facebook has 1 billion users so just imagine the revenue there.

      The other thing about whatsapp they are very good at keeping their costs down with only a staff of less than 50 which is about 20 engineers and the rest administrative staff.

  2. shungu

    When will their $1Billion+ come?

  3. Zim Inov8

    i guess now they dont mind losing a small chunk of their users since the new upgrade does not work on certain older android phones, inini nekaphone kangu takavharirwa panze nevakomana

  4. Farai

    I sent 42,707 of those messages…

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