Powertel introduces 0.50c/day unlimited mobile broadband package for students

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Powertel has introduced a new package or promotion targeting students called the “Scholar Pack”. The new package is offering college and university students unlimited surfing and downloads for just $0.50 per day. Over a thirty day period, this will translate to $15 for unlimited broadband, making it the cheapest broadband deal in Zimbabwe.

The prepaid services will require students to produce their students ID, national ID and the initial $0.50 daily subscription to sign up for this attractive package. However, one possible deterrent for students is that students would need to provide their own devices (dongles), a cost that may slow uptate of the service.

The RUIM for this package will however be provided upon payment of the first subscription.


The service is however manual and instead of juice cards, the accounts will be loaded in-store but the great thing is students can also buy the subscriptions for more than one day.

This is the second time we are seeing a mobile broadband service particularly targeted at students. Last year Econet introduced zero rated browsing on all local University websites. However although not free and if the download speeds are at least “decent”, this new package from Powertel definitely offers more to students than Free access to their own Unversity’s website.


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  1. Zaniest says:


  2. Alu Moyo says:

    OOOOH FINISH!!! Students will be torrenting and downloading movies like there’s no tomorrow! I used to frequent an internet cafe that was popular with students a few years ago, and you just knew that as soon as they showed up, NETWORK YADONHA!

    And PS Techzim team:

    I’m pretty sure if YOU GUYS asked for soft copies of these ads, as big as you are now, nobody would turn you down. Coz the newspaper advert photos (this one and the whatsapp bundles one) are looking a little (dare I say it) amateurish – and you guys are FAR FROM THAT! Just a suggestion from a huge fan 🙂

  3. Dongle user says:

    Network yepowertel yazodhakwa manje… Wats going on powertel

  4. Mashoko says:

    The article needs editing. Its not “mobile” broadband.

      1. Mashoko says:


        mobile is for phones

          1. MaWords says:

            Good one!

        1. joker says:

          kkkkkk hanzi wireless kkkk and u also provided the links OMG!!!!1
          its just broadband not wireless broadband kkkkkk

  5. lurker133 says:

    Good move by Powertel, sort of… But seeing as they don’t seem to be able to maintain network speeds for more than a few hundred active users on their network at a time, I would have suggested somthing like a 500meg daily limit. Just enough to keep the downloading civilised.

    1. Sadombo says:

      yes true, they should have put a cap

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