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The one app better than WhatsApp


WhatsApp Plusit’s the must-have for anyone who wants a basic smartphone experience. It’s also one way to tell everyone in your phone book that you have graduated from a mbudzi device (“dumb” phone) and are now enjoying the benefits of broadband.

WhatsApp, the most visible cross platform, instant messaging tool for the local market has become the darling of everyone out to derive added value from a high end feature phone or smart device.

With all its sturdy functionality and “can’t live without” status some improvement was inevitable though.Sooner or later someone had to come up with way of making a good experience great. Enter the appropriately named WhatsApp+ (aka WhatsApp Plus). 


This modded version which has been around for quite a while now allows users to go beyond some basic boundaries set by the ordinary WhatsApp variant. It’s just like WhatsApp, with a similar user experience(you can WhatsApp all your contacts still on the ordinary version) but with added functionality.

So what exactly are the plus benefits of this amped up, pimped up version of WhatsApp that would make you go through the installation process?

The ability to customise the look and feel of your main IM platform is the biggest takeaway here. Some are bound to come off as trivial, especially for the average WhatsApp user keen on a just a cost effective communication tool.

However after running through the numerous options available here are the five that seem to have the greatest effect.

WhatsApp Plus

Adjusting the Conversation ,Contacts and Main Chats Screen

You have the ability to tweak colours for chats and the header in the conversation screen. There is also the Translucent mode for both conversation and chats screen in addition to the contacts screen. It definitely looks better than the ordinary WhatsApp background.

Changing the colour of the WhatsApp logo as well as message notification light

If you can pick your favourite colour why not do it, right? WhatsApp Plus has a default blue logo, but you can work with other options(including the default green), something that also extends to the notification light for a new message.

Adjusting the Media Upload Size The official WhatsApp has a media transfer limit of 16 MB which by most people’s standards is pretty modest. WhatsApp Plus lets you upload and send up to 50 MB. This is something to smile about for users keen on sharing more elaborate files especially those Zvirikufaya videos.


Added Visual Themes WhatsApp Plus has more than 1000 different themes that can be used to modify the general appearance of the IM platform. From soccer teams (Perfect for the Barclays Premier League season upon us), to cars and even fashion monikers ,there are several options to choose.

You can play around with the look and feel of the app to suit your needs or passions beyond the generic look that ordinarily would have required a second application to be used for a personal feel.

Additional Emoticons

A gallery of additional emoticons brings in amusing and colourful (excuse the pun) way to illustrate or emphasise points. Some of the popular emoticons ordinarily found on other IM platforms such as Skype are part of this added set.

So what’s the catch?

The installation process requires that you remove your existing WhatsApp version(after carrying out a manual backup) and proceed to install your WhatsApp Plus. As it is an “unofficial” version you won’ find it on Google Play, Windows Store or Apple Store. The apk is freely available on several online forums though.

If you had challenges “loading WhatsApp” on your device to the point of paying our enterprising brothers and sisters in First Street or at Copa Cabana the WhatsApp Plus process will undoubtedly prove to be more than a brain teaser for you.


WhatsApp Plus has definitely got one over it’s bare basic original version. The fact that you have all these options to change the look and feel of one application that you use the most is a plus.

It’s biggest limitation however is the whole installation workaround and the aura of being an unofficial application, something that can put of first time users not keen on stepping out of their WhatsApp comfort zone.

On the whole scheme of things it is better than WhatsApp.

You can download WhatsApp plus by following the link below

WhatsApp Plus Download

What are your comments on the functionality of WhatsApp Plus? Do you prefer it to WhatsApp and other IM platforms?


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