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WhatsApp let’s you know if the message you sent has been read



Here’s something you might have started noticing yesterday on your favourite IM platform, WhatsApp, those two delivery ticks turning blue.

As some have figured already, WhatsApp has introduced this as a way to check if the message you send has been read. The ticks turn from grey to blue once the message has been read and for messages on group chats, they turn blue when everyone on the group has read your text.


This new update follows other changes made to the IM platform this year since it was ¬†acquired by Facebook¬†like the option for hiding your “Last Seen” notification and extended privacy settings for profile pictures and statuses.

The message read update is supposed to work on almost every version of WhatsApp so there should be no need to upgrade to the latest version if you want to monitor your own messages.

What are your thoughts on this new change to WhatsApp? Are you comfortable with this update? Feel free to comment below.

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