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F8 2015 – The Facebook Developer Conference: What can we expect?

Another tech giant has a huge event lined up, this time its Facebook Developer Conference. The livestream is moments away (you can catch it here) and be sucked into the excitement.

But why the excitement though? Isn’t Facebook turning into an afterthought in social media? The reality is that The Social Network has turned into something more than just a social platform with Mark Zuckerburg leading this startup that has turned into one of the most influential players on the internet.

Through its investment in WhatsApp and the strategies to grow its Messenger platform, Facebook it’s now a serious contributor to the messaging and communication race. In Zimbabwe Facebook and WhatsApp are synonymous with having internet access. The two applications define smartphone access.

Then there’s Instagram which was meant to redefine Facebook’s place in social media and Occulus, the Virtual Reality Startup that Facebook acquired as its play for the Intelligence Age.

Over the next two days, these different components of Facebook are under the spotlight. However, issues that have attracted attention are rumours that Facebook wants to turn its Messenger into a platform and that the social network will likely start acting as a hub for publishers content through its Newsfeed.

That’s a lot to expect from one conference. We’ll keep you posted on the developments, but for now, you can join the livestream here.

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