TelOne doubles ADSL data caps. Closes billing system data leakage hole

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Starting this month, TelOne has doubled the amount of data on its capped ADSL packages, making their internet even cheaper for subscribers looking for home internet. The new rates are as follows:

PackagePrice/monthOld data capNew data cap 
Home Basic$152GB4GB
Home Plus$2510GB20GB
Home Premier$4225GB50GB

TelOne already had the cheapest fixed internet rates in Zimbabwe. So why make it even cheaper you ask? Apparently there was a billing system issue where customers could subscribe for the lowest priced package but somehow end up enjoying more data than they had bought. They could even get uncapped internet for just $15.

TelOne discovered and has since closed this hole and the result is that suddenly the unscrupulous fellows that had been taking advantage will find their unlimited internet reduced to just 2GB. Bumping this to 4GB is TelOne’s way of softening the blow so subscribers don’t get mad and churn.


Whatever the reason though, it’s  great that access to the internet continues to get cheaper.

If you’re curious to see how this compares to the pricing offered by other providers, or are just looking for some internet and want to quickly compare packages, click here for a list of all internet service providers in Zimbabwe along with their internet packages.

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29 thoughts on “TelOne doubles ADSL data caps. Closes billing system data leakage hole

  1. I be honest was one of the fellas that benefited from this hole for quite a long time and had switched provider after the fix, but can now go back and use the double amount.

  2. Awesome! I’ve been using Telone ADSL for more than a year with never any desire to switch to another provider. The packages just keep getting better and better!

  3. “…Bumping this to 4GB is TelOne’s way of softening the blow so subscribers don’t get mad and churn…”

    You are being too polite here Kabweza! People were stealing, and TelOne doesnt need to feel ashamed to close that loophole.

    Zol have also a nasty horrible loophole caused by their lazy tech support. If you go and get a modem from Zol, it can go either way:
    You can get a faster modem and data packages and paying less
    Or you can be paying for more and getting crap speeds.

    All because Zol do not reset properly returned modems and lm sure they fix their packages to modem mac address!!

    1. Actually had a discussion with this person at TelOne and they made sense when they said either you get mad and punish users for stealing from you and they go, or you just close the hole, soften the blow and they stay.

      1. Clever cz its their techsupport and billing depoartment who would have messed up.
        Plus a person would just ignore the notice of pubishment and leave yo service and never come back.

  4. it is great to hear, its been a long time coming seeing as they had already given people a speed bump which meant data was consumed much faster without noticing. So when do these changes come into effect?

  5. Been using telone for 3 yrs now… The speeds are as advertised and definitely the cheapest in Zimbabwe. Only downside of your phone line goes down its takes them a while to fix it

  6. I don’t think it’s fair to call us unscrupulous because in any business if you don’t manage it well you can get losses. That’s part of business. It is not my role to tell Telone that they have a loophole. Noone should be punished for that. Telone should do a thorough quality assurance before unleashing some of these to the people. We don’t move around seeking for loophole but if we get it, we cannot be labelled unscrupulous. Zimbabwe is a poor country such that anyone would wish to get most things for free.

      1. Not Unscrupulous is right. They have not hacked, its only that they realized the systems are not working perfectly and they kept on using them. Its a learning curve for Telone. Telone has no right to punish anyone for its mistakes. They should just continue to improve(Deming’s Theory) hence noone should be grouped into the mischievous ones. Personally I think you should be very careful with some of these terminologies. There are better terms to use. These are clients probably who didnt hunt for these loopholes but just realized that maybe it continued to be usable after it had reached its limit. Remember the interface to check your billing status is not easy to access. You just have to guess. As for me I have been using the package I bought since September and I am waiting for it to expire. I dont have time to contact them. I am too busy for that.

    1. You’ve just justified all the corruption that goes on in Zim – coz most of it is simply taking advantage of administrative or bureaucratic “loopholes”.

  7. i might be wrong this is a sign that Telone has the largest internet bandwidth in the region and its in excess,from the look of it they still make massive profits from this adjustment.

  8. am surprised to note that its all about people benefiting through the so called “hole” from Telone. how about some of us who top up 25G and within a few day its exhausted. this is after putting all the possible security one can on their wireless service. go to Telone commercial centres, there are lots of irate customers complaining about “disappearing ” data. just last week Telone been dishing out free 1G data to anyone who complained. so does it mean the new system is addressing this or not.

  9. @ Fame. I have experienced that more than a couple of times before. I am of the opinion that they brought this promotion to cover for the disappearing data which they could not rectify

  10. And they cleared their selfservice billing data. You have to use blindly. Hey presto if they say you used 23.445g thats it. You cant compare

  11. I did not even know about the hole,if i did i would have really utilised it like earlier on in the year,but now they entire system is down and you cant even check you data cap or data amount.

  12. Telone selfservice does not work, the site is blank, i have to skype telone support to find out my balance so that i can manage my usage. Surely there is something wrong here. I want use what i paid for and be able to know what my current consumption is. Telone support says right now that i have consumed 17.8 gig out of 50 gig when i only recharged yesterday and there were powercuts so how can i trust this? It gets even better their records show that my last connection was on December 18. If telone does not know consumption details, then how do they know about this 17.8 gig i supposedly consumed.

  13. I know another great ISP that has a loophole I been enjoying for some months now. Be nice to me and I might just show you

  14. Thanks Telone, for affordable packages. Now, how about speeds of around 10MB/s, isu vamwe tinoda zvekumhanya!

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