TelOne to alert customers of their internet usage through SMS notifications

During my first month of using home wifi, I wasn’t well versed on what activities would exhaust my data. I was just told “don’t download” and likewise I avoided it as much as I could. My wifi also had a lot of downtime, so much that I grew weary of calling my ISP to fix it.

Anyway, one day – about a little over a week after installation, the wifi stopped working again. I turned off my gadgets and the router hoping that it would change but no, it still didn’t work. This time, there was clearly no connection (unlike the other times where at least it indicated there was some sort of connection). I eventually just called the ISP to enquire only to discover I had run out of data!

Well, the point of the story is not on how I had depleted my monthly subscription within a week despite the frequent downtime and efforts of not downloading. Rather it’s on how finding out that I had exhausted my subscription bundle took me by surprise. I really wished there was some way I could have gotten some sort of warning at least. Besides, I didn’t know of any computer software that tracks internet usage on multiple devices.


It’s a great thing that TelOne noticed that not everyone is tech savvy or has time to constantly monitor their internet usage, so instead, they’ve provided an Alert Me service. Alert Me sends off notifications which let you know how much of your bundle you’ve exhausted through the web or via SMS to your phone.

The Alert Me web service allows you to be have regular updates of your usage while the SMS service only gives you updates when you’ve used half of your subscribed package; when you’ve exhausted 90% and lastly, during the last 5 days before the package’s expiry. I believe they limited the intervals at which to notify you via SMS in order to avoid spamming people. However, if you feel you are being spammed or for any other reason you feel you don’t need the service after signing up for it, you can still easily opt out.

So if you’re interested in subscribing for the service click here and be redirected to their self-service page where you can then click on the ‘subscribe to notifications’ button and then the follow the rest of the simple instructions thereafter.

TelOne is coming up well, I mean for a company that wants to increase its broadband revenues, this is indeed is the way to go.

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6 thoughts on “TelOne to alert customers of their internet usage through SMS notifications

  1. no idea is original comes to mind but props to TelOne for the efforts they make to improve QOS an VAS an keep costs low heres an idea for Telone produce an app where Landline/ftth users can call using TelOne wifi to call landlines an this is all using TelOnes network it should bring back more ftth, adsl, copper subscribers they can figure the rest out they as they are ver competent

  2. Data also runs out quickly with ZOL. I think faster than with Telone. I suppose all ISP providers set their meters faster than others so you run out quicker! I have a data meter on my Laptop and still cannot understand how it never balances when I run out.

    1. running out of data is you are not buying the right bundle or loading huge files or they are deducting data for access or they have internal issues so the customers are losing out on service they are paying for

    2. I think you are right. I was previously using 15GB per month and it was enough for me. I didn’t adjust my usage now all of a sudden the 25GB is not enough per month. No YouTube no any other video or audio streaming services. They just substract data!

  3. I used the notifications service on for the past month and although the data usage didnt quite tally with the data counter on my laptop, I was able to monitor my usage and peg my usage at a modest 1gig a day roughly and my bundle lasted 30days the past month had gone barely 2 weeks which is weird since as far as I know I did exactly the same stuff even managed to live stream some Game of Thrones…..
    I signed up for the sms notifications but they dont seem to have a particular order sometimes I get one every 24hrs at around 1330 maybe thats when I signed up? Sometimes a week will pass without any, sometimes four in a single day, and I never got the one telling me my data was half way or that it was depleted. I also get the in-browser a pop-up notification although the figure you are given is rounded down to the gig instead of giving you the megabytes in between, If you have 18,9gig left it simply tells you have 18gb left same as if you have 18.1 although you can check under the history tab of the selfservice menu for a more detailed usage.
    Ps I half suspect they stop reaping you off if you log into the selfservice portal and set up enable your notifications

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