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Those Are Our Numbers Says Ecocash…

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Techzim attended the ‘Swipe Into Ecocash’ launch this morning where Ecocash were sharing their new service offering that allows users to swipe their ZimSwitch bank card at any Steward Bank POS machine and have that money credited to their mobile money wallet.

This is an awesome solution (yes, I do such words when I see such items happening on the local scene) and will bring much relief to the customers of banks who have not yet inter-connected to EcoCash just yet. Barclays, Standard Chartered and Ecobank are just a few of the ‘laggards’.

Anyway, at the event, Natalie Jabangwe-Morris took some time to clarify their position as to the disparity between figures of what they report and what may be contained in a POTRAZ quarterly sector performance report.

She stated:

“We have, by the way, the largest mobile money service in this country. And yes, by June we had over 6.8 million customers, Techzim! Although I saw an article today that says “well EcoCash lied about their numbers, why would they do that”.

When we provide numbers to POTRAZ we provide what are called A1 active numbers – that is the number of subscribers that are active per 30 days. These are the over 3m customers that were reported yesterday.

We do not provide the number of fully active and registered customers over a 90 day period. So yes, we have over 6.8 million registered customers on our network and nearly over 50% of those, in one month, are active.

In terms of the number of agents that we have, yes, Techzim, we have over 30,000 agents registered on our platform, (24,050) who are active every 30 days and it means our agent activity ratio sits at 80%.

If you could do us the pleasure of aligning with the factual issues, that will be absolutely fantastic.”


While I may have a lot to say about this above position, I’ll leave it for another article where I’ll spell out my position.

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8 thoughts on “Those Are Our Numbers Says Ecocash…

  1. Ooh! Ok? So the 80% is based on A1 agents those active for a consistent 30 day period not active subscribers. Thanks for the update.

  2. Thank you Mrs Javangwe-Morris for the clarification, I believe your explanation dovetails with the activity on the market. Not all people have access to money these days as the economy is very tight. I believe more such explanation to educate the generality of our populace on some of these things.

  3. I think they clarified that. And I haven’t used Ecocash for the past 3 months but to be honest I consider myself active

  4. Quote “…YES Techzim…” ……………”…YES Techzim…”…….”…YES Techzim…”…… ayayayyyy

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