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NetOne Finally Appoints CEO, Two Years After Kangai’s Dismissal

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NetOne, Zimbabwe’s second largest Mobile Network Operator has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer Mr Lazarus Muchenje who formerly worked at Vodacom. Mr Muchenje’s tenure will begin on the 1st April 2018. The position had been vacant for the past two years with no replacement coming after Reward Kangai was let go.

Previously Mr Muchenje worked at Vodacom SA as Executives Head Of Sales, Head of Wireless Application, Sales and Marketing Director (DRC), Founding Finance Director of Vodacom DRC. He also won the Vodacom CEO Award for Outstanding Achievement. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a ‘new dispensation’ for NetOne and we will see if Muchenje can get NetOne out of the red after years of failing to turn profits.

NetOne also appointed Mr Nkosinathi Ncube as new Managing Director of Mobile Financial Services. NetOne’s OneWallet is lagging behind EcoCash so it will be interesting to see if he turns that ship around as well.

Brian Mutandiro and Clever Isaya who had been steadying the ship in the absence of a CEO will also see their roles shift because of the changes taking place. Mr Mutandiro who was the Acting CEO will now return to his role as Chief Operating Officer whilst Mr Isaya who was Acting COO will now assume the role of Executive Media Services.

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6 thoughts on “NetOne Finally Appoints CEO, Two Years After Kangai’s Dismissal

  1. Opened this site knowing you have posted about this, its a rumor i heard about yesterday, keep it up Techzim.

    1. Hopefully, it will be interesting to see how a well run NetOne can compete with Econet

  2. Changes to the top will trickle down if followed by a radical “corporate cultural” change. The lackadaisical, laissez faire way most employees in these former/current parastatals work is not tolerated in the private sector where poor performance leads to being disciplined or fired. This will not happen overnight.

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