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Telecel Introduces The All-New ‘Power Hour Data Bundle’

Telecel Zimbabwe

You know that time when you want to download (or google) something but your airtime is just too little? Telecel is your answer.

The smallest Mobile Network Operator (MNO), Telecel on Saturday unveiled a new data bundle called Power Hour Data Bundle which is designed to give “more data for less airtime”.

The Power Hour Data Bundle is an addition to other Telecel’s data packages which include Megaboost and night data bundles”.


What’s the deal with Power Hour Data Bundle?

Power Hour Data Bundle is a bundle that is valid for just 1 hour (validity). Telecel’s Power Hour Data Bundle is the first of its kind (data bundles valid for an hour) to be introduced among Zimbabwe’s MNO’s. The selling point of Power Hour Data Bundle is giving users more data for less airtime.

How much is Power Hour Data Bundle?

Power Hour Data Bundle price range from $0.25 to $0.50 to $1. Here is the amount of data you get per price;




Cheap, isn’t it?

Yep, I think Telecel’s Power Hour Data Bundle is very cheap considering the amount of data you get for any data. However, the ‘cheapness’ is a bit outweighed by the validity of the bundle.

Will many people jump at it?

Telecel is infamous for its poor network coverage in some areas, with some areas failing to access 4G (LTE) network due to the fewer LTE base stations it has relative to some MNO’s. In light of this, I’m not really convinced if many people will go for Power Hour Data Bundle because they may fear that the bundle would not be really useful as it can expire before they even finish doing whatever they will be doing (‘googling’ or browsing) due to poor connectivity.


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