[Breaking] FBC Introduces Kwik, Their Own Version Of The Kwenga POS Machine

FBC Bank

FBC is introducing a POS machine targeting SMEs, which makes them the third bank to have a similar device (CABS and Steward Bank debuted their own devices last year). We are still trying to get more information about the device as pricing and whether or not FBCs Kwik POS is bringing a new twist to the market.


Details on the way…

At the time of writing we have attempted to reach FBC via the telephone line, their toll-free number, multiple cell phone numbers listed on their site and the 2 WhatsApp contacts listed but unfortunately we have been unable to reach them. We did get a response on the WhatsApp lines but unfortunately, the response was to inform us that, “We need to refer issue to merchant support.”

Banks are embracing the smaller guys

FBCs move to introduce Kwik is a great one and if more banks follow suit and continue making solutions for the small to medium sector then that innovation stands to bring with it some new and interesting twists and both consumers and SMEs stand to benefit from such moves in the long run.


The solutions on offer could be more interesting

I’m hoping one of the banks or even an independent player can propose a solution similar to what Yoco is doing in South Africa. Or even having Yoco come this side and set up shop. The POS solution offered to SMEs by Yoco is fantastic and it comes with both the POS machine, along with Yoco’s proprietary software which helps business owners to manage their inventory and track metrics such as popular products and inventory flow.

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9 thoughts on “[Breaking] FBC Introduces Kwik, Their Own Version Of The Kwenga POS Machine

  1. TechZIm is cleared CAPTURED. You can barely write an article without bringing Econet/Steward Bank into it. Pathetic. If you are an Econet mouth piece, please come out in the open, so that we know.

  2. Mr/Mrs Gweja claims such as the one you make above can get you arrested. Anyway the Techzim team is made up of nice people so we will not take offence.

    I would like to point out that when Econet/Steward have any challenges or do something out of line we report that as well. Maybe you do not read the site regularly enough or you intentionally ignore such articles as they do not agree with the assertion that we are CLEARLY CAPTURED but they are there.

  3. The whole article condenses down to one line, “FBC is introducing a POS machine targeting SMEs, which makes them the third bank to have a similar device”.

    Everything else is not related, at all, to the topic as it is titled. There is more talk about Yoco than the alleged Kwik. I say alleged, as no facts have been brought to the table.

    If you do not have sufficient details to write an article, be patient and wait till such information is available. There’s absolutely no merit to being the first one to have published an article about a topic, yet the article is lacking in useful information.

    No-one cares that you tried to contact them via Skype, Whatsapp, email and landlines. It has no bearing on the information that you are trying to pass on. We can’t accept a mediocre article because you couldn’t wait to get the correct and complete information. This is not a gossip blog gentlemen.

    1. I agree with you that the article has no content about the said product – which is very usual with Techzim – their articles are generally shallow and opinionated. @TechZim – we understand you want be the ones breaking the news – so at least say “more details to follow…” rather than half backing the story like this…

      1. There is a subheading clearly and distinctly titled details on the way. I’m assuming you’re agitated because breaking but we mentioned why there are no details as of yet. Even news channels have what they call developing stories where more news is shared as it comes through so I’m kind of surprised that you are so offended by this.

    2. It is not gossip my friend… FBC announced that they are launching this device but did not share technical information about the device as of yet. ZOL did the same with WiBroniks and details were given out at a later date. That does not mean we do not talk about something because there is no detail. Those who are interested in this kind of device are now informed and will be on the look out when FBC decides to share details. Your criticisms get tiring at times DR Vanhu Musadaro…

      1. Ad industry slave here. We’ve been working on this for a while now, a lot has been happening behind the scenes. Its late but definitely real. Watch press for details

      2. My criticisms are tiring, but are they valid? That’s what’s important. No-one likes being criticised, but feedback is feedback. You can choose to listen, or discard it. Are details on Kwik still “on the way…”, as you explained it was a developing story. Opened the article looking for changes, still nothing, then I decided to check up on the comments.

        1. Yes, FBC did say they will give us a response tomorrow morning. Contrary to what many people seem to believe, simply getting a comment as media in Zimbabwe is VERY VERY DIFFICULT. Most people do not want to be the ones who told media the wrong thing so we run around in circles trying to get comments. It’s not that we do not care about informing people, it’s just that getting people to talk is harder than we would like.
          P.S Your right to feedback can never be taken away so continue giving feedback.

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