[Breaking] FBC Introduces Kwik, Their Own Version Of The Kwenga POS Machine


FBC is introducing a POS machine targeting SMEs, which makes them the third bank to have a similar device (CABS and Steward Bank debuted their own devices last year). We are still trying to get more information about the device as pricing and whether or not FBCs Kwik POS is bringing a new twist to the market.

Details on the way…

At the time of writing we have attempted to reach FBC via the telephone line, their toll-free number, multiple cell phone numbers listed on their site and the 2 WhatsApp contacts listed but unfortunately we have been unable to reach them. We did get a response on the WhatsApp lines but unfortunately, the response was to inform us that, “We need to refer issue to merchant support.”

Banks are embracing the smaller guys

FBCs move to introduce Kwik is a great one and if more banks follow suit and continue making solutions for the small to medium sector then that innovation stands to bring with it some new and interesting twists and both consumers and SMEs stand to benefit from such moves in the long run.


The solutions on offer could be more interesting

I’m hoping one of the banks or even an independent player can propose a solution similar to what Yoco is doing in South Africa. Or even having Yoco come this side and set up shop. The POS solution offered to SMEs by Yoco is fantastic and it comes with both the POS machine, along with Yoco’s proprietary software which helps business owners to manage their inventory and track metrics such as popular products and inventory flow.

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