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NetOne Subscribers Can Now Receive Money From The Diaspora Through World Remit

us$ 50, bank note

NetOne subscribers will now be able to receive money from the diaspora directly on their mobile phones. The Mobile Network Operator has partnered with World Remit.

Will I get the money in USD?

In this economy, one would want to know whether the money being sent to them will be received in USD or if it will be rated and dished out as bond notes. If NetOne lives up to their world then whoever is receiving their money will be getting it in USDs. This is what they said in response to that question on their official Twitter page:

Whoever is sending the money sends it directly to your number and thankfully NetOne posted a blog post detailing how the transaction works…

A) Sender side

  • a sender based in the diaspora initiates the sending transaction through the WorldRemit website,
  • when asked to enter the recipient details the sender nominates your  NetOne phone number
  • The sender will also pay whichever transaction charges are relevant from their end

B) Receiving Side

  • The customer receives an SMS on their phone indicating that an International Money Transfer (IMT) transaction has been done and they have received $X amount of USD
  • The customer brings the phone bearing this message and their National ID (Passport, ID, Driver’s License) to the NetOne Shop.
  • Once positively identified by the customer care agent, and once the verification process has been concluded, the customer is handed over their USD.

The RBZ has also incentivized International Money Transfers by offering 3% of the transaction value to the customer, this amount will be paid in bond note over and above the transaction amount and this payment will be done simultaneously

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