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Ministry Of ICT Launches National Cybersecurity Awareness Week: Zim Government Now Serious About Cybersecurity


The threats and attacks that happen in the digital world are no less injurious and dangerous to those that happen in the physical world. Zimbabwe (and the world) is increasingly entering the digital world and that progress equally exposes us to cyber threats and attacks. Which makes it needful to sit down and come up with solutions that protect every Zimbabweans when they are using their phones or computers.  

Which is why we are happy to see the government finally taking a practical interest in cybersecurity. Today, marked the launch of the National Cybersecurity Awareness Security Week by Minister Kazembe Kazembe. The Awareness campaign themed ”Think B4 Click” will seek to “promote online security and safety and cultivate a cybersecurity culture amongst internet stakeholders”.

I can say this is the first tangible and significant act by the government of its seriousness with cybersecurity since the drawing up of the Cybersecurity bill and extending the purview of the Ministry of ICT by including cybersecurity. Way to go.

The Minister is well aware of the paramount importance of Cybersecurity considering that he was once duped thousands of US dollars by cybercriminals back in 2011. So i would like to think thats cybersecurity is a topic close to his heart which he will be keen to address. 

What about National Cybersecurity Awareness Security Week?

Minister Kazembe Kazembe said needs to have a “world-class cybersecurity workforce” that will maintain Zimbabwe’s “cyber technology platform.” Achieving this will begin during the Cyber Security Week which will see, awareness campaigns education, lectures, and training workshops in Harare and Bulawayo, happen. Not to mention, the hackathons and roundtable discussions that are going to take place. Actually, there is going to be 20 events in 8 days. Some of the topics going to be discussed are very relevant to our country. Child online protection guidelines for children, Mobile Money security, bank security, Password Security and the ethical use of social media will be deliberated.

Ideally, this all should breed some good ideas that will improve Zimbabwe’s cybersecurity. The onus will be on the government to enforce and implement the strategies and policies. Hopefully, whatever grand ideas you come up with, they will manifest this time guys.

How long will it run and where?

The National Cybersecurity Awareness Security Week runs from today to next week Monday the 10th. Rainbow Towers will serve as the main venue for people in Harare and Rainbow Towers will serve as the venue for people in Bulawayo.

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2 thoughts on “Ministry Of ICT Launches National Cybersecurity Awareness Week: Zim Government Now Serious About Cybersecurity

  1. Action that the zimbabwe government can do to show us that govt is serious about cyber-security
    1. Update all govt websites from the old Joomla versions that are a security risk to wordpress or at the very least update joomla
    2. Govt ministers & employees stop using gmails & yahoo emails for work but a secure domain
    3. All ministries should have up to date websites that are secure & mobile friendly
    4. Instead of these talk shops they should create a online business registration portal

  2. Take this srsly coz your sites are always down … They are many vulnerabilities at least cover some ,have been monitoring them however since Social engineering is the greatest threat you should concentrate much on it people should know
    Thank u

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