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Some Common Elements of Successful Mobile Games

With the surge in use and demand for smartphones, many mobile users are exploring the many applications at disposal. Today, mobile games are the in thing among many people who own smartphones. It is easy to download mobile games, as you can easily find them in app stores and also in genuine mobile operator websites.

There are different types of mobile games for all kind of users. It does not matter whether you are looking for an epic adventure mobile game or a quick puzzle game model, you will not miss a design that fits your needs. As you find the best mobiles games in app stores, also put into consideration the best gaming phone you are going to use.

Many people will pay much attention to the smartphones that they own and use when gaming, but there is one key thing they don’t put into consideration. There are some common elements of fruitful mobile games to look at. These are the major features of mobile games that give gamers the amazing gaming experience they may be yearning for.

You may be wondering, “What makes a great mobile game?” If you are new in the mobile gaming world, fret no more. Here are the key elements of mobile games to get well-acquainted with and hone your gaming skills;

  • Exhibit conflict or challenge

For any game to be captivating and grab the attention of many gamers, it should be some kind of a conflict that will lead to a challenge. The gamers have to visualize this challenge and find ways to overcome it. The challenge presented by the game of choice should be some sort of battle with another player, a physical hindrance to undertake or a puzzle to solve.

It should not be a game that is easy to tackle and can be completed within the shortest time possible. The players have to work hard to excel in their endeavours and emerge as winners.

  • Evoke a strategy and chance

Whenever a player comes across a strategy-based game, the player is given the task to make varied decisions in order to conquer the challenge ahead. Chance-based mobile games put the players in reactive modes, especially when they have little control over the final results of the game. Any serious mobile game should blend both chance and strategy and keep the player focused and alert.

  • Depict a great art style

Graphics are great for any mobile game as it what attracts gamers to their games of choice. A good game should be appealing and evoke emotions when playing. The aesthetics of the mobile games of choice should bring in realistic experience as well as fit into the style and environment of gameplay. However, the aesthetic features of a mobile game don’t guarantee a successful game.

  • Tell a story

In many occasions, gameplay goes toe to toe with a themed story. However, not many great stories guarantee fun and amazing gaming experiences. It does not matter whether a mobile game is challenging or simple, it has to be solid and give good feedback to the gamers. The mobile games that you opt for should at all times have a mix of both great gameplay experience and a great storyline.

  • Present rewards

Mobile game players should at the end of a game earn some amazing rewards. Gamers should be rewarded if they accomplish certain gaming tasks whether complex or simple to undertake. A good mobile game should reward points for good performances rather than completion of the task.

The Best Gaming Phones

Once you know the key features of successful mobile games, it is also wise to take a look at the top five gaming phones in the market. They include:

It a great mobile gaming phone design that comes with a 6.5-inch screen. It also features a larger battery to guarantee an ample gaming time. Unfortunately, it is a design that comes with a high price range

  • Razer Phone 2

The Razor Phone 2 comes with one-of-a-kind gaming-specific elements that no other phone in the market can match. It also comes with great speakers and an 8GB RAM that provides enough space to download as many games as the owner wants.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9

This is a recapitulating Samsung Galaxy mobile design that offers a higher resolution display excellent for gaming. Its powerful processing speed is a feature many gamers fancy. It also comes with a feature that makes it easy to see clearly when playing your favourite games and has more frames than any other design.

  • Sony Xperia XZ2

This is a great model from the widely acknowledged makers of PlayStation. Hence, it is a great mobile gaming device to opt for. It offers an amazing 5.7-inch HDR display and comes with Sony’s “Dynamic Vibration System,” a great tactile feedback feature that improves your gaming experience.

  • Google Pixel 2 XL

This is the biggest and most amazing smartphone from Google. The Pixel 2 XL is a great gaming mobile that you will fall in love with. It comes with a 6-inch display that offers enough space for gaming. Its battery is amazing but it is the Google’s Project Fi network that decreases issues of losing connection when gaming online that will grab your attention.

The Bottom Line

There are great elements of successful mobile games that you should keep in mind always. However, you may have these features in your fingertips but fail to enjoy the game of choice. It is thus wise to be well-versed with the available gaming phones in the market and also own one. With the best gaming mobile model, you will improve your gameplay and tell an amazing story with your hands.

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