NetOne Adds 1.2GB Bundle To Daily Options

When NetOne announced their new bundles last week, there was no 1GB option which came as a surprise. The highest data allocation you could get was a poultry 150MB offering. 150MB would not be adequate for most intensive tasks and thankfully NetOne has now acknowledged this.

The mobile network operator has now added a fourth option for those who want to get some serious work done. For $5 dollars you’ll get 1.2GB which is valid for 24 hours.

This is slightly better than the 1GB your $5 will get you on Econet. Over the past few years NetOne had become famous for undercutting Econet when it comes to cost of data but that all changed last week. It’s cool to see NetOne go back to these roots.


It seems this was one of the measures NetOne took after speaking to Kuda Musasiwa who had been lobying with Washington Mkombodzi to get a local bundle which would make access to local sites cheaper and therefore incentivize use of local services and consumption of local content.

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  1. It will work.. No it will not work but it will not work simple. 5dollars for 24 hours… It will not work simple.

  2. nothing has been solved ! we need something valid for a lengthy duration ,how could we budget something valid for one day? so confusing

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