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Yo Mix Offering Users Discounted Prices Again (November 2019)

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Last week Yo Mix users started receiving a message alerting them to a special data discount which is valid until the end of November:

CONGRATS you have won 150% extra value on YoMix data bundles. Download YoMix for Android on & buy any YoMix bundle today. Offer valid until 30/11

The new data discounts will be a real-life saver with the following discounts on offer:


Daily bundles

  • 550MB for $12.79 – 600MB is normally priced at $30
  • 2GB for $29.21 which is a 78% saving compared to the $104 you normally need to buy 2GB

3-day bundles

  • 1GB for $40

Weekly bundle

  • 1GB for $51.64 – $42 normally gets you 350MB

Fortnight bundle

  • 1GB for $64.51

Monthly bundle

  • 1GB for $57.77

If you use a lot of mobile data these discounted offers will certainly help you save money during the festive season and in that case, getting the $289 bundle monthly bundle which nets you 7.8GB (towards the end of the month so it lasts through December) is a steal when you consider that:

i) for $289 you’ll only get around 6GB for 5 days if purchasing daily data bundles and

ii) $270 (the closest monthly bundle) normally gets you 2.1 GB of data

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