Off-Facebook Activity Tool Allows You To Stop Sharing Data With Facebook

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I’m pretty sure many of you didn’t know that Facebook can see your web activity. Because it can, in some instances you might buy something online, and those details are shared with Facebook and then you see an advert of something similar whilst scrolling through Facebook. Creepy…

Anyway, Facebook has a new tool called Off-Facebook Activity that shows you the information “that businesses and organizations share with Facebook about your interactions with them”.

The tool allows you to clear history shared by these apps and websites with Facebook along with being able to choose which apps/companies can share data with Facebook in future.

To get started, go to Settings > Your Facebook Information > Off-Facebook Activity. From there, you can manage your Off-Facebook Activity, clear all history and turn off any future activity to your account.

If you clear the activity managed by the tool, Facebook will remove your identifying information that the apps and websites share. Facebook will no longer know which websites you visit or what you looked at, so you won’t see any targeted ads from those sites anymore.

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  1. Charles

    That is only if you trust facebook to do that because on their statement they are not clear if these other apps will stop sending them information ..i did not sign in my fb account into any of the apps i saw sharing my data only if you use maybe mozilla browser plugin or root your phone and disable fb services will you be safe

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