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PayPal merchant wallets allow you to receive money in Zim, so… now what?

PayPal Zim Zimababwe recieve money funds

Earlier today, we found out that you can receive money via Paypal in Zim if you open a merchant wallet. Now, there has been no confirmation from PayPal that this is a thing but it’s up and running so those who can make use of it probably will.

In light of this, we decided to go over PayPal’s history in Zim, what this could mean if PayPal comes out and says that this official. And what this could potentially do for Zimbabwean businesses in the dollarisation 2.0 era.

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Ever wondered what it takes to make a locally produced TV show or movie? We spoke to British I.T. Madzivanyika a local actor and filmmaker to find out.

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Our conversation with Tendai Mupaso the co-founder of logistics startup Yaita. It had been a while since we touched base and we thought we’d talk about the business as well as their new product the Fulfilment Centre. The product is basically a warehouse where e-commerce businesses store their inventory.

The biggest difference with a normal warehouse and what Yaita is doing, is that Yaita will handle delivery of those goods. Your customers can order through you but you don’t have to ship anything, all of that is done by Yaita.

Yaita a delivery startup now looking to be the complete e-commerce business partner

Marondera based produce exporter Nhimbe Fresh and its US$1.4 million, 1.9MW solar project with Sun Exchange.

Nhimbe Fresh – Marondera set to be the largest solar crowd sale in Africa

Lastly, we had a conversation with Aidan Gamble from Inclusive Access Zimbabwe about the digital divide that exists for people with disabilities in the country.

The digital divide that exists in Zim for people with disabilities

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

2 thoughts on “PayPal merchant wallets allow you to receive money in Zim, so… now what?

  1. $3000 annual limit! #NotEnough. I tried lifting thw limit, it prompted me to entera US bank account… defeats the whole purp

  2. There is an option to withdraw to a debit card. I was wondering if y’all at techzim could use your contacts in banking sector to review some nostro banking services that could integrate with Paypal.

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