You can now watch eTV shows for free on eVOD

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eMedia the company that operates Openview and eTV recently launched an on-demand streaming platform known as eVOD. This platform will allow you to watch eTV original content as well as South African produced movies, TV shows and soapies. Unlike most streaming platforms out there this one comes with an awesome free tier although you can upgrade to premium if you want.

I have observed that Openview and eTV have been experimenting with various ways to monetise their content on the internet over the years. Some years back they used to upload their content to their official channel on YouTube. You could watch full episodes of their original shows like Rhythm City and Scandal. Then they started using a custom hub which evolved into Openview on Demand. Then they just stopped uploading new episodes onto that hub. It seems eVOD is the successor to that platform.

The available plans

As already mentioned there is a free plan. You can also pay for a daily pass in order to access premium content that is exclusive to paying customers. Most people will not need to pay for eVOD, to be honest as most eOriginals such as Imbewu, Scandal etc are available to stream free on the platform.

The only drawback is that if you are a free user you will be stuck at 360p when streaming while paying users can get up to 720p depending on their connections of course. Honestly, 720p in 2021 is a bit disappointing 1080p should be the absolute minimum.

The entire list of plans is as follows:

  • R5 per day
  • R15 per week
  • R29.99 per month

I like how, akin to DEOD, they have shorter-term plans. There are a lot of people out there who only get to watch their TVs during the weekend when they are free. Asking them to pay for a whole month is a bit unfair.

No support for TVs and Chromecast

Another disappointing fact is that there is no support for Chromecast and smart TVs. They do have apps for Android and iOS though and you can always enjoy the service on your laptop or desktop computer. I do however feel like they should fix this glaring oversight. There is only so much content you can watch on your phone or laptop.

The fact that the eVOD service was launched in partnership with MTN is in keeping with the mostly mobile focus I guess. This brings me to my next complaint. The service is kind of slow it might be just my internet connection doesn’t have good peering with MTN and Brightcove but it doesn’t bode well for them. Slow speeds mean buffering and nobody likes buffering.

Can Zimbabweans sign up?

Yes, you can according to my testing. You can even use your Zimbabwean phone number although it seems you will need a South African VPN to playback content.


  1. Iam DaWhiz

    Hi techzim I wish to engage with your developers if possible

    1. Techzim

      Hi, what do you want to share with us?

  2. Techzim

    Hi, what do you want to share with us?

  3. The Last Don

    I registered for eVOD but I can’t access the service here in SA. I received the 4gig streaming data but I can’t connect. I have written to them they haven’t replied I guess it’s because it was a weekend and today is a holiday.

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      Seems the service still has some kinks they need to iron out

    2. Leticia

      Im struggling with the same problem and the data that are not used expires with every new month. Can you guys please assist even with wifi they asked to sign in.

      1. Lena nel vosloo

        I have the same problem …i only want to watch catch up but every time they say sign in 😳😳😳😳

  4. Jusss me

    Hi techzim so so how much is it in zim dollars

  5. Nomsa

    I registered on evoda pay the money 30r for monthly… But still its using my data kanti the R30 we paying for monthly is for what if data will still be required… Please can anyone explain to me so I can understand cause am really confused now… Thank you

  6. Sharon Samuels

    I am unable to subscribe to movies on evod
    I’m asked all the time to sign in everytime

  7. Alicia

    I’m also having the same problem I’m not able to sign in but it keeps asking me to sign in

  8. Pulane Mashori

    Can I watch for Free

  9. Estelle
  10. Margaret Hitchman

    I purchased Open View some years ago and would like to know if I will still be connected to the programmes on ETV after the end of this month. Many thanks Margaret

  11. Charmaine

    I pay the monthly subscription but cannot sign in it says your connection is not private

  12. Winnie

    I have watched Elif, Droonverlore, Die wiel draai and Bittersoet on EVOD for free. Now, I must subscribe for Elif. Droomverlore did’nt show any series and Bittersoet and Die wiel draai is now missing on Evod. It is almost a month now. Can you help me please.

  13. Carol van Zyl

    What happend to the series Soete Wraak.? It stoped at Eps 6. Will it continue soon?

  14. Wilna Kotze

    Yes,I have the same problem. Now all of a sudden I must subdcribe to watch Elif on evod. Why? You said evod is on certain flicks for free,but now I have to pay for ALL movies and series.What is the use that we can watch free,but now we have to pay.

  15. Galiwango.Henry. M

    Hello,am in Kampala Uganda, I used to watch on dstv platform,,pliz I would u to advise me how I can watch it again,this side we don’t have open view decoders,thanx

  16. jan phiri

    how can i get e tv channel in my laptop

  17. Jennifer Boudt

    I downloaded the evod app but it’s not responding

  18. Anonymous

    how do i psy

  19. Gasko

    Evod dont waned open

  20. Dessire

    I can’t connect with my Samsung TV on evod

  21. Anonymous

    Why must we wait for all Elifs epidode per week and not every day after the days episode like Winter Son and others in South Africa

    1. Violet kajani


  22. Lesley

    E extra

  23. Melanie Diedericks

    Is my Huawei p smart 21 compatible with the evod app

  24. annie

    evod stream

  25. Mandy

    eVOD,please bring back Bittersoet. PLEASE!!!

  26. Lebogang

    I would like to know if streaming is free on MTN Network?

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