Econet voice, data, and SMS bundle prices are going up tomorrow

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Zimbabwe’s largest mobile network operator (MNO) Econet has announced in a tweet, that voice, data, and SMS bundles prices are going up tomorrow.

The statement by Econet reads as follows:


Dear Customers,

Please note, we will review our Voice, Data & SMS bundle prices effective, Thursday 19 May, 2022.

To access Voice & Data bundles dial *143#

To access SMS bundles dial *140#

Visit for more information.

‘All other prices remain unchanged.

Econet on Twitter

It’s a little strange that Econet as well as the other two MNOs still call it a “review” or a “price adjustment” instead of saying what it is which is an increase in tariffs…

Econet data voice and SMS bundle price increase


Econet clarifies that it is ZWL$ bundle prices that are going up.

via Twitter

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  1. Pheneodge Marufu

    USD or RTGS which ones to be reviewed

  2. The kid

    Ya I pretend to be shocked 😱

  3. Mandileza

    It’s to AL to say that

  4. Barney

    “Eish! I dodged an effin bullet!”.
    These were the first words of the day spoken out loud by a man slouching at his two-year-old temporary home workstation. His sleep-deprived bloodshot eyes took in the day-old headline ‘Econet voice, data, and SMS bundle prices are going up tomorrow’ as he shook his head, marvelling at the timing of it all.
    It was just yesterday that he was cursing at a tiny smug dinosaur on his monitor that seemingly mocked him for depleting his data bundle! “That’s why you have short hands, Barney!!!” Never mind that the man had just been enjoying a crisp, 1440p documentary on the new Nissan Z, or that before that, he had binged on dozens of ‘Black Airforce Energy’ Anime reactions and wacky Guga Foods steak experiment videos! Barney did it!
    Sighing, the man had calmed down and grudgingly purchased yet another bundle, barely two weeks after the last. It was double the size of the last one. He felt the agony in his wallet but he couldn’t afford to be caught out again, he had work to do! “Just let me catch you again!” he muttered as the dinosaur flickered out of existence.
    Blinking his tired eyes rapidly, the man snapped out of his short walk down memory lane with a wry smile on his face, considering if the timing was his good or bad luck. “It’s just Zim life” he lamented as he cracked open the last energy drink he’d probably be able to afford this month, took a swig, and booted his machine. He was ready to work!
    Meanwhile, in a dark, empty dimension, a pixelated dinosaur laughed maniacally as an ominous notification popped out the corner of the man’s freshly lit screen: Official Trailer | She-Hulk: Attorney at Law HD!
    A deep, demonic voice rumbled throughout the dimension as ‘Barney’ said, “I’ll be back! I’ll ALWAYS be back!!!”

    1. Jinx

      Cool lil prose

    2. Anonymous

      Okay, I loved that.

    3. TnashMKZ

      That was cool

    4. Tashyfx

      Ok that was an awsme piece dude… Kip t up

  5. Tashyfx

    Ok that was an awsme piece dude… Kip t up

  6. Ally

    Honestly speaking I don’t know why I would even use econet bundles their service is terrible I recently visited Zimbabwe and purchased their simcard . The signal is ever out of service you need to keep restarting your data. In large towns in the evening the service is non existent. It’s only fair to abandon such a rubbish network one can’t stream or use social media to its lowest possible capabilities imagine having to wait 10mins for a whatsapp audio to download that’s like 287kb . You have failed the people econet please do the right thing just close shop

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