Econet facing widespread service outage

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You probably have spent most of the day toggling your phone’s airplane mode or restarting it to get it to work. Well, you are not alone. Econet is facing some system challenges that are affecting its services. Seems like data is one of those services that is still up and running. Services that are unstable right now include on-net calls, SMS, EcoCash, and their services menu for buying bundles.

There is no timeline yet as to when this system challenge will be resolved so for now you may need to find an alternative. We are also running a survey on your experience with mobile internet in Zimbabwe that you can take part in by clicking here.


What’s your take?

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  1. Isaac

    The outage slowly kicked in. 3G was affected way before it moved to 4G.

    Some suggested solutions such as changing your DNS settings to Googles, OpenDNS or Cloudflares. Does this solve anything for those who have tried it?

    1. Isaac

      Ah wait. I’m talking about the network connectivity issues especially on 3G. Some sites have been failing to open. Even on 4G yesterday I could not comment on this platform. I even struggled opening the site.

    2. Clueless

      Opendns or cloudflares what’s that

      1. Isaac

        Was hoping techzim would try to shade some light but …

        They’re the DNS servers we use. You see computers have to resolve urls to their IP addresses such as for

        We normally use Googles DNS servers by default which is to resolve these urls (I stand to be corrected). The guys suggested that we could use other alternatives like Cloudflares or OpenDNS which I think is

        I personally don’t think that’s the problem or would help either way in this case.
        I hope I explained this in a way you can understand and is correct.

  2. Terence Clark

    I bought bundles using YoMix but they never activated

  3. ehe ok

    we are f u c k ED

  4. ehe ok

    we are f u ck ED

  5. Isaac

    Just received this from Econet

    Dear Customer. We offered you FREE DATA from 6.30 pm (11 May) to 3am (12 May), while our teams were working to resolve the technical challenges.

  6. SimonWhitehead

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  7. Equill

    Most likely, you have been fiddling with your phone’s airplane mode or restarting it all day. You are not alone, though. The system issues Econet is experiencing are having an impact on its services.

  8. Wallich

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