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The Econet broadband website has been hacked

The Econet Wireless broadband website has been hacked. We just discovered this right now while working on a story for the new Econet Email system, which we will post later.
If you visit the site right now, you will see it’s been defaced with the following banner:

Our Quiet Week

Over the months since we started this blog, it has grown from a small blog followed by a few people that know us personally, to one followed by thousands of Zimbabweans worldwide and viewed thousands of times each day. Resultantly, when we don’t post anything for several days, people notice and send us emails.

Some Pictures From The Econet Experience Expo

We’re just from the Econet Experience Expo that’s being held in Harare. It’s an Econet only (well, and Econet partners) exhibition which started yesterday and is due to end tomorrow. I thought we’d just go through the exhibition and come back quickly. I was so wrong.

Thoughts On Loving And Leaving Your Employer

Some time, not too long ago, I had the opportunity to pass on some advice to a young software developer. He sought my opinion on a decision to move from his employer to a new company.

A Few Years From Now, It’ll Just Be Facebook

A lot of people I know, less tech savvy relatives and friends especially, have Gmail or Yahoo email addresses they don’t really use. Well, except to sign into Facebook. Roughly half of these people are in Zimbabwe, and the other half in the Diaspora. The common denominator with all these friends and relatives is this; […]

The Remains Of The Homemade Helicopter

We came upon (what remains of) this chopper while driving in the city today, and thought we would take a few shots for those of you that haven’t seen it yet. The homemade helicopter sits conspicuously outside the Exhibition Park in Harare, probably its final resting place.

The Econet Mobile Broadband Letdown

To say we didn’t wait with abated breath for one year would be a lie. We waited. We naively thought Econet would use its muscle and deep pockets to roll out the most affordable mobile broadband service.

Telecontract and ZOL Fighting Again

If you were in Zimbabwe in early April this year, you probably remember the nasty fallout between ZOL and Telecontract. The one that caused untold misery to over 200 ZOL customers who went for about two weeks without Internet after being disconnected by Telecontract.

Embracing Social Media as a Business Tool: ZOL on Facebook, Twitter

Last week Zimbabwe Online, one of Zimbabwe’s largest internet providers, launched ZOLife an Internet and paper magazine offering information and tips about the Internet. Stuff like how to choose a good internet package, some 101 basics on fibre connectivity, VSAT and so forth.

Photos From ICT Africa 2010 – Day 1

Below are the photos took today at ICT Africa 2010. The event is being held at the Harare Exhibition Park. A bigger venue. The exhibition looks a lot smaller than last year’s and we noticed Yo Africa, one of the biggest ISPs is absent from the event.

The New Red Africom, Mobile Broadband and Voice Services

Earlier today, Africom officially launched its new branding at a function held at the Meikles Hotel in Harare. The central theme of the new Africom is connectivity, converged connectivity. We mentioned a few days ago that this was going to happen.

Techzim’s Downtime Yesterday and General Site’s Stability

ver the past few weeks, we have had a few stability issues with this site. Yesterday for example the local mirror of the site went down with the “500 Internal Server” error below for some hours.

Africom Rebrands as it Makes Entry into Consumer Connectivity Market

We just learned that Africom is rebranding itself. The new Africom, a red one, will launch this Friday, 10 September. Part of the rebranding includes the replacement of the current logo with this new one here.

The Verbal POTRAZ Response on Line Registration: We’re Talking to Telecel

Ok, so three days ago we complained that the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ will not respond to our questions about the validity of Telecel’s mobile line registration methods. Yesterday, we finally got something, a verbal response. According to Mr. Chiripanhura the POTRAZ finance director the official response was will be coming “maybe before the end of […]

POTRAZ Silent on Telecel’s Registration Methods Validity

Exactly a month ago, Telecel Zimbabwe announced some very convenient web and phone based mobile line registration methods. We commended Telecel for the easy registration method. We were also quick to say this probably went against…

Google Announces Student, Developer & Entrepreneur Events for Uganda and Kenya

Google this week announced the G-Uganda and G-Kenya events. The Uganda event will be held in Kampala starting on September 1 and ending the following day. G-Kenya will start 4 days later at Strathmore University in Nairobi and will last 3 days.

Mecer Zimbabwe is Appointed APC Distribution Partner

Last week, we attended the launch of Mecer Zimbabwe’s new APC distributor status in Harare. The partnership makes them the second official APC distributor in Zimbabwe. The other is Tendo Electronics.

Telecel Says You Don’t Need Proof of Residence or ID Document for SIM Registration

We also expressed concern that POTRAZ might not accept the registrations as valid because the general view is that proof of residence and some form of identity document is required to register. We contacted Telecel to get clarification on this concern.

Telecel Introduces Web and Mobile SIM Registration Facilities

We just received a press release from Telecel announcing that the mobile company has introduced online and mobile registration to comply with the POTRAZ SIM card registration directive issued months ago.

Survey Names Econet the Most Admired Employer in Zimbabwe

In a survey conducted by human resources consultancy firm, Industrial Psychology Consultants (IPC), Econet Wireless has emerged the most admired employer in Zimbabwe. Telecel and NetOne also made it into the top 10 at positions 8 and 9 respectively.

Chips Launches Sage ERP X3 Version 6

Chips Computing Services, which represents Sage Enterprise in Zimbabwe, officially launched the latest version of Sage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) X3, at a function at Meikles Hotel on Tuesday (July 13).

EASSy to be Switched on Tomorrow, 16 July 2010

The EASSy undersea fibre cable will go live tomorrow, 16 July 2010. The EASSy commercial launch follows the completion of three successful tests that have been carried out on the cable in the last few months.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Pays Out US$10 Million in Dividends

Econet Wireless has sent out thousands of cheques worth close to $10 million in dividend payments to its shareholders for the year ended February 2010, finance director Mr Kris Chirairo has said.

Econet Starts Selling Android Smartphones

Econet, the largest mobile operator in Zimbabwe, has started selling Android smartphones at its new concept shops in Harare. So far only the Huawei U8220 mobile phone is available. We visited the Livingstone Avenue Econet shop last week and had a feel of the phone.

2010 ICT Africa Booking Details For Exhibitors

2 weeks ago, we reported that the date for 2010 ICT Africa has been set: 13 to 15 September 2010. In the article we said that Computer Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe would, within 2 weeks, release the exhibition details for prospective exhibitors. Details like the available space, materials, contact details, and most importantly, the damage.

SEACOM’s Broken Undersea Fibre Won’t Be Fixed Until 22 July

According to an update on the SEACOM official blog, its broken undersea fibre cable between Mumbai and Mombasa will take until the July 22 to fix. The cable went down on 5 July and affected all SEACOM internet Traffic to India and Europe.

Zim G-Tide Distributor Introduces New Range Of Local Computers

We met with the G-Holdings CEO, Munyaradzi Gwatidzo, at the G-Holdings offices in Harare a week ago. Revealing the plans to launch the consumer gadgets line, Gwatidzo confirmed that the G-Tide mobile handsets have been a huge success and it only made sense to expand and introduce some locally branded gadgets for the market.

ICT Africa 2010 Scheduled For Mid September, Foreign Exhibitors Signed Up

Preparations for this year’s ICT Africa expo are underway, and from indications by the organisers the event promises to be bigger and much more encompassing than previous ones. ICT Africa 2010 is slated for 14 September and will run for 3 days.

Ecoweb Embraces Social Media With New Website

Early this week, Ecoweb replaced their old (and kind of stale) website with a fresh, bright and actually nice looking one. It was long overdue and Ecoweb’s parent company, Econet, should consider doing something about theirs too. Besides the fresh look, what is really interesting about the new Ecoweb website is that it brings with it a social platform to (hopefully) engage

Telecel Currently Testing 3G, to Launch by September

After a couple of questions here on the blog about when Telecel will introduce 3G, we decided to reach out to Telecel last week to get an update straight from the horse’s mouth.