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Minister of Finance Patrick Chinamasa Speaks on Bitcoin, Calls It Utopian.

During the World Economic Forum in #Davos, the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Patrick Chinamasa was asked if he’d buy Bitcoin at all. Well, his response was quite… interesting. Watch the video below by Business Weekly. If for some reason, you can’t, worry nay, I’ve quoted his response in this article as well. So, […]

WhatsApp Business Now Available In Zimbabwe

WhatsApp Business is finally in Zimbabwe and we’re still figuring it out, but here’s what we know: Only Available for Android devices, you can download it here You cannot use the same number you use for WhatsApp Messenger to register for WhatsApp Business. If you submit the same number you use for WhatsApp Messenger to register […]

Samsung Ventures Into The Mass Production Of Cryptocurrency Mining Chips

While some are shunning out cryptos (cryptocurrencies) as we’ve seen Stripe and somewhat Facebook do, some are amassing resources in order to invest in it. However, considering how controversial the technology is, this is quite expected. The South Korean multinational electronics company, Samsung Electronics has revealed that it has ventured into the mass production of cryptocurrency mining chips. The chips […]

Facebook Bans Cryptocurrency Adverts

Facebook is really making a lot of changes on its platform, all in the name of “caring for its users as a friend would”. Most recently, Techzim wrote on how Facebook’s News Feed algorithm changes would negatively affect both individuals and businesses alike. Now, Facebook has announced a new policy that “prohibits ads that promote […]

Can Someone Reset Your EcoCash Pin Without Knowing Your Old One?

Issues that have to do with money have always been sensitive. People quickly panic whenever they figure out that their money is at risk, this is why institutions that deal with money (at whatever level) are ever under scrutiny. As such, EcoCash is one of those… This morning I got a call from a friend […]

StanChart Customers Might Need To Start Looking The OneMoney Direction Over EcoCash

Recently, I got a tip from a Standard Chartered Bank user who pointed out that Swipe Into EcoCash was not working for them and actually hadn’t been for a while. Interestingly, this comes at a time when Standard Chartered Bank now has a direct link to OneMoney. Let’s backtrack a bit… So there’s always been […]

Econet Zimbabwe Now Offers Motor Insurance Services

So, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe in collaboration with TiB Insurance Brokers and Steward Bank recently introduced a car insurance product, iDriveSure – another insurance service by Econet after EcoSure, the funeral cover. iDriveSure is a bundled product incorporating Motor insurance, Vehicle and ZBC Licensing. It is available at selected Econet Shops and Steward Bank Branches nationwide. […]

Strive Masiyiwa Goes To Hollywood To Acquire Some Content For Kwesé TV

Is this the part where we say watch out DStv? On a post on social media, Strive Masiyiwa (founder and Executive Chairman of Econet Global) mentioned how he was on his way to Los Angeles to sign some content deals for Kwesé TV. I’m sure by now you know what Kwesé is, I mean with all that […]

Kwesé Inc’s #GoGettaz Winners Announced. Two Zimbabweans Made It

The #GoGettaz entrepreneurship competition finals finally took place last week on Friday in Nairobi, Kenya. The competition began on the 18th of August last year (2017) and has been running since. #GoGettaz is an initiative by Strive Masiyiwa (founder and Executive Chairman of Econet Global) aired on Kwesé Inc which is an exclusive channel on Kwesé TV (Kwese is […]

ZOL Is Now Available In Warren Park And Here Are The Packages (Exclusive To Warren Park)

Remember the cheetah that you saw in Warren Park? Well… see the title and do the math. In case you missed the video that was circulating on social media, apparently a cheetah was spotted in Warren Park. The video showed two guys in car who had “spotted a cheetah” and decided to record it. You […]

Econet Wrongly Bills Its Client $128k, Court Orders It To Pay Back

The tables turned in a case between Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and Antolice Enterprises. High Court judge Justice Davison Moses Foroma ruled that Econet Wireless reimburses Antolice Enterprises $128 200 which it (Econet) had wrongly billed the company. Interestingly it is not Antolice Enterprise that had filed the case against Econet, but rather the other way round… Well, […]

Wangu, The Local Chat Application Is ‘Back Again’. What Happened???

Techzim has written on quite a number of local startups over the years. I’m sure some of you sometimes wonder what became (or becomes) of the startups and all – I know Ash does! Well, some of those startups are still in existence while some died a natural death. Either way, we’re interested to know what […]

Facebook’s News Feed Changes Will Indeed Affect Your Business. Here’s How To Stay On Top Of It

Recently, Facebook announced a change on how its News Feed algorithm will work. This new algorithm intends on fostering the very reason why Facebook exists anyway (or at least I hope), to connect friends and family. Well, of course Facebook has always been connecting friends and family, but it seems that was no longer Priority […]

Coaching, Mentorship and Organizational Development Conference 2018: You Need It!

Growth is one very fundamental aspect of life, hence the quote by William S. Burroughs which says “When you stop growing you start dying.” It is any organisation or company’s main objective to grow, whichever way each of these defines its growth, the bottom line is it’s growth. Nonetheless, what we often miss is that an […]

POTRAZ Commits To Construct 250 More Base Stations This year (2018)

POTRAZ seems to be on the right trajectory this season, from the AGM, to the construction of Community Information Centres (CICs) and now the promise to build at least 250 base stations in 2018. However, we still have but one grievance with the regulator; where and what happened to the $25 million Innovation Drive which […]

Stripe, One Of The Biggest Payment Platforms To No Longer Accept Bitcoin. What Does That Mean For Us?

No doubt that over the last few months, Bitcoin (or cryptos really) has become very controversial. Just like on any normal distribution curve there’s always those that lie on the extremes, be it to the right or the left. However in this case both the extremists do agree on one thing, they both agree that […]

President Mnangagwa Engages User On Facebook Through Video

As times are changing, it’s always good to see people who choose to move with them, especially if it’s people whose choices directly affect you. Some time back, we wrote on how important it was for the government to be on (or at least follow) social media, and they (well, some) took heed of it. […]

What Are These Community Information Centres (CICs) Being Commissioned By POTRAZ All About???

I’m sure between last year and now, you have at some point heard of the Community Information Centres (CICs) which are a project by POTRAZ through their Universal Service Fund (USF). The CIC project is being carried out in a bid to further the knowledge and appreciation of ICT throughout the country. CICs are mainly […]

ZIMRA Continues To Lose Millions Of Dollars Due To The Online System Failure (Asycuda)

Initially, ZIMRA’s e-services platform (Asycuda – Automated System for Customs Data) was experiencing glitches here and there, but we were quick to forgive seeing that there’s nothing perfect under the sun anyway. In December 2017, we reported on how the system had finally given up its ghost, and even then it seemed like a temporary situation, […]

2018 POTRAZ Media Engagement Forum In Pictures

We are at the first ever POTRAZ Media Engagement Forum dubbed #SameSheet. Not only is it the first edition but it is the first forum of its kind. Here present are representatives from different media houses around the country (ICT centred and not), the Broadcasting Authority Of Zimbabwe (BAZ), the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) […]

WhatsApp Business Finally Launches

I know we’ve been making a lot of noise about WhatsApp for Business since last year; well, it’s here! Not here-here since it’s not yet available in Zimbabwe but here as in it’s no longer only available for the Beta testers, but for *everyone Let me quickly define *everyone right there, the everyone being referred to […]

President Mnangagwa Live On Facebook… Now!

Watch President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Facebook live in the first ever Town Hall meeting with the president in Zimbabwe. The forum, organised  by Global Shapers Harare comprises of a group of young people representing various youth groups across Zimbabwe. The meeting dubbed “A dialogue for youths in shaping Zimbabwe’s economic future” is in preparation for the World […]

Apple To Soon Roll Out An iOS Update That Allows Users To Either Opt In Or Out Of The ‘Throttling Feature’

Last month, Apple was nabbed for deliberately slowing down iPhones with older batteries in a bid to make the batteries last longer. This attracted a lot of lawsuits against them, a total of 45 as of yesterday. However, Apple in response to the outcry, has decided to roll out a new software to rectify that. Tim Cook (Apple […]

The “New” Curriculum Isn’t Going Anywhere

Remember a little over a week ago, we wrote on how the new minister of Primary and Secondary Education of Zimbabwe, Prof Paul Mavima had announced that the ‘new’ curriculum (aka the Dokora) was under review? Looks as though the review phase is over, a decision has been made. The Herald today reported that Prof Paul Mavima on Monday had […]

Is The SanDisk 1TB Flash Drive A Necessary Innovation?

Competition in tech (or anywhere really) brings about some really cool innovations. Though sometimes we just have to agree that some of these inventions or innovations aren’t really half as useful to us as we’d like them to be. Still wondering whether to say the same about massive storage flash drives or not, considering how we are […]

Counting Down To Zimbabwe Hosting Data Centre Africa 2018 For The First Time

Zimbabwe will for the first time host the Data Centre Africa Expo Conference (DCA). Data Centre Conferences occur worldwide, all in a bid to discover, discuss, learn and take advantage of opportunities that data centres present, particularly in this digital age. A data centre is a facility that centralises an organization’s IT operations and equipment, as well as […]

Making International Payments in Zimbabwe Just Got Harder; Ecobank’s Visa Card Prefunding System Down.

Since the cash crisis, particularly USD, making international payments has been one of the most difficult things to do in Zimbabwe (quite essential considering how dependent on import we are).  Only a few banks still offer the service but only on condition that you prefund the card with USD. Quite ironic considering that it is […]

France Bans Mobile Phones At School And Why This Is A Big Deal Even For Zimbabwe

Initially, I mentioned the French government banning mobile phones in the country’s primary, junior and middle schools in passing. But after constant nagging and convincing of how much a big deal it is from my boss, I’ve decided to explore the topic a little further. So, according to France, students will not be allowed to use their […]

Strive Masiyiwa Becomes Zimbabwe’s First Billionaire According to Forbes

Finally, a Zimbabwean makes it onto the billionaire’s list, Strive Masiyiwa. Well, frankly speaking he is not the first Zimbabwean billionaire… most of us were at some point, just not according to Forbes 😉 Strive Masiyiwa, who is probably the most popular non politician personality in Zimbabwe has been ranked as 14th among Africa’s 23 billionaires. […]

WhatsApp To Soon Let You Switch Between Voice and Video Calls

Have you ever been on a WhatsApp voice call and then wanted to show the person on the other end of the line something? The natural thing to do would be to take a picture and send it to them; but what if the ‘something’ is in motion and hence a picture won’t do justice […]