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Big data: When we moved from being the customers into being the product.

During the Competition and Tariffs Commission event that happened last week, we touched a little on internet privacy, something that’s been of concern to the people who use the internet much. There’s always a different angle to it, for example I remember discussing issues around privacy versus security at the AfricaCom event. Here, we were […]

Government, you need social media!

For some time now, social media has been viewed as nonsensical and somewhat perverting… and of course its biggest victim would be the millennial generation. Just a little over a week ago, Techzim wrote about how the army boss had expressed some concerns over how our Zimbabwean culture was being eroded by social media and […]

Who exactly is Steward Bank looking for???

I’m sure by now you know that Steward Bank is looking for freelancers (teams or individuals) to collaborate with on some fintech projects. If not, well then this should help free you from that rock! Anyway, as per promise, we will be helping you understand what the collaboration is all about. We’ll take it one […]

Steward Bank Launches A Visa Card debit card, Globetrotter.

Last night, Steward Bank launched it’s newest product: the Globetrotter card The Globetrotter card is a Visa card by Steward Bank. The card can be obtained by both Steward bank account holders and non account holders. As expected, the card requires prefunding with USD before use. I say of course because all the other banks […]

The Status of Mobile Penetration And Active Mobile Subscriptions in Zimbabwe (Potraz 2017 Q3 Report)

The Q3 2017 Telecoms report by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) reported an increase in Zimbabwe’s mobile penetration rate from 97% in Q2 to 100.5% in Q3. Penetration rate is defined as a parameter used to show the rate of circulation of a product in its market. So in essence the mobile penetration […]

Internet penetration increases along with the Mobile Internet Data usage according to Potraz reports

The third Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) telecoms report of the year (Q3) was released yesterday. By the way, the Q3 report covers the period between 01 July 2017 and 30 September 2017.  Amidst all the statistics of interest to us, internet penetration, in this case mobile internet penetration is quite important […]

No Relatives Coming to Zimbabwe from the US? You can Still Shop Online and Get Your Item Delivered!

Online shopping like everything else in life, has its pros and cons. Pros in this case would be having to skip on the moving around part and just getting to the buying, hence all the other advantages that come with that such as saving time and increased efficiency. The cons on the other hand may […]

Internet companies face the risk of having their licences revoked because of yesterday’s outage.

If you use the internet much, no doubt you were affected by yesterday’s huge internet outage. If you didn’t experience it like most if not all Telecel users then at least you somehow heard or read about it. Also, if your dealings were/are local, Telecel user or not, then you were still negatively impacted since […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Collaborate With Steward Bank…

As we wrote last week, Steward Bank is looking for skilled developers in the diverse fields of software engineering to collaborate with on some Fintech project – preferably freelancers. If you’ve been considering it (or not), I’m here to help you make that decision faster 😉 So, here are 3 reasons why you should be a […]

Competition Policy for Zimbabwe launched today… even the universe endorses it!

The day we decide to launch a Competition Policy for Zimbabwe is the day we have a huge internet outage, what are the odds??? I’m sure you’re wondering what the connection between the two is, well worry nie, I’ll tell you. Today being World Competition Day, the Competition and Tariffs Commission (CTC) decided to commemorate the […]

Bitcoin Bubble Burst, a way to keep yourself up to speed with Bitcoin performance…

Bitcoin (or its technology) is the new sensation on the block. Well, not so new since it’s been around since 2009 but until 2015/16 it didn’t have as much traction or attention as it has now. In Zimbabwe, 2017’s cash crisis, bond notes et al., are what made most people look its way. Now, Bitcoin (BTC) […]

How to apply for the new diplomas and courses at TelOne Centre for Learning (TCFL)

Last week we wrote about the new diplomas and courses that TelOne Centre for Learning (TFCL) recently introduced. and launched during their graduation ceremony. Apart from just knowing they exist, it’s important to then know the whens and the hows of the application process etc. We contacted TFCL and here are the details that one […]

Cabinet announced, introducing the Ministry of ICT and Cyber Security

Just a few days back Techzim wrote about how we were anticipating for the new cabinet to be an effective one, same anticipation that the rest of Zimbabwe had to be fair. Well, the cabinet has been announced but for this particular article I will focus on just one of the ministries, the Ministry of Information […]

Facebook set out to curb suicide using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Over the years, our socialisation skills and tendencies have changed. As we have all witnessed in this age, social has been translated to digital and no doubt the internet is playing a significant role in all that. Now you can literally follow through people’s lives through social media. You can know where they traveled to, […]

TelOne Centre for Learning launches new Diplomas and courses at Graduation ceremony

Today at the TelOne Centre For Learning (TCFL) graduation ceremony, the Permanent Secretary for Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services, Dr. Eng. S. Kundishora officially opened and launched new diploma programs as well as new courses for the institution. The new diplomas to be offered by TCFL effective January 2018 are as follows: Diploma […]

Communications regulator lobbying for data to last for 3 years in South Africa

So it seems South Africa is much more serious about their #DataMustFall campaign than I thought. Just read an article on MyBroadband on how Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) is lobbing for all licensed Mobile Network Operators in SA to have data bundles which have a minimum expiry period of 3 years. 3 years! Imagine […]

Barclays Bank Joins The Club, Suspending DStv Payments

One down, only eight left. Barclays Bank, one of the few banks that were still taking DStv payments in Zimbabwe has just announced that with effect from the 1st of December 2017 (2 days from now) it will no longer be taking DStv payments. Here’s the notice from the bank: Dear customer, we kindly advise […]

Cabinet dissolved: Out with the Old, In with the New (we hope)…

I’m sure we’ve all been following the events that have been happening in Zimbabwe, how we now have a new president and all. With that, constitutionally it then means that the previous cabinet becomes nullified. The constitution states that the occupation of the presidential office by a new candidate renders all ministers’ offices vacant, meaning […]

NetOne is recruiting OneMoney agents, a good deal?

It seems NetOne is really determined to grow OneMoney this time. Maybe the ‘scolding’ from the former Minister of ICT, Hon Supa Mandiwanzira served as some good inspiration. I realised that they are putting ads in the newspaper that are calling out for people who are interested in becoming OneMoney agents. The latest POTRAZ telecom report (Q2, 2017) […]

Africa Tech Summit Kigali: One of the things to look forward to in 2018

The Africa Tech Summit is a convention aimed at bringing together great companies and initiatives across the continent in a bid to connect them with international ventures, investors and entrepreneurs who are truly focused on business and investment in Africa. The Summit was officially launched in 2016 in London. However, in 2018, for the first time […]

Google has been collecting location data from Android users without their consent

It was quite interesting to read about how Google has admitted to having been collecting users’ location data without their consent. Android users were most affected by this. Turns outs phones and tablets running Android software gather data on people’s locations even when the user is offline or even without a SIM card. After collecting the […]

A local firm invents a ‘self-charging’ battery. Could this be the future for Zimbabwe?

We bumped into something interesting on LinkedIn. You know Cybercard Enterprise Solutions (CyberBiz) right? If not then you should know its CEO at least. We last wrote about it in 2015 though, right about the time when ZIMURA had partnered Econet and had brought them (Cybercard) and Logical Systems on board to try and curb music […]

How expensive is Zimbabwe’s mobile data compared to the rest of Africa?

It’s been over a year since we last wrote about Zimbabwe’s mobile data prices in comparison with those of the rest of Africa. Though we did write about some mobile data price comparison a few months back comparing Zimbabwe to Kenya and South Africa. Well from the last report, not much has changed according to Research […]

Here’s a chance to partner one of the fastest growing banks in Zimbabwe, Steward bank.

Despite whatever banking problems Steward Bank has had in the past, their approach to things has been quite commendable and we acknowledged it right here. Steward Bank came into the picture with a different approach to banking, instead of limiting banking to the ‘elite’ the bank targeted the low end, which happens to be the […]

Now that he’s gone, what are your expectations in this new Zim? (Tech of course!)

Well, whenever we mentioned the government and tech in the same line, it had somewhat of a complaint attached to it. An example off the top of my head, emap. Yes, I say ‘mentioned’ in past tense because I am a strong believer that this is going to be a thing of the past. However, […]

You can now play lotto via USSD on your phone

As we progress, our mobile phones increasingly become an important part of our lives. The use we now have for them is amazing. In fact, you should just try and take account of how dependent you are on your mobile phone or simple, just get it stolen ;0 Nonetheless, the idea is; based on how […]

Zim News (BiNu) hits 3 million page views per day

As they say, “in every crisis, there’s someone to benefit”. Well, not in those exact words but we can improvise. So even in this political hullabaloo, apart from politicians, there’s also one industry that is ‘benefiting’ from this – the media. BiNu, you know biNu right? Now known as Zim News. Zim News hit a staggering […]

NetOne Social Media Bundle Prices Increase

Seems NetOne did more than just introduce the $3 OneFusion package over the weekend. They also revised their social media packages. The new NetOne social media packages are as follows: 30MB valid for 24hours cost $0.30 (compared to the initial price of $0.27 for 27MB) 100MB valid for 7 days cost $1.00 (compared to the […]

NetOne introduces a $3 OneFusion package

It’s been one year, five months, eighteen days and a few hours since NetOne launched the OneFusion promotion. I can confidently tell you that it has been of immense value to the people and clearly I’m one of them in spite of the slack on the number of hours. But I forgive myself seeing that you also […]

Zimbabwe epayments rise to $2 billion worth of transaction in a week.

Just a few weeks ago we were astonished when we learned that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) had recorded $11 billion worth of transactions in 9 months i.e January to September 2017. Well, it only gets better. According to The Source, in the last week of October 2017, Zimbabwe transacted a total of $2 […]