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My Econet vs NetOne dilemma…

I’m conflicted between using Econet or NetOne as my main line, and by main line I mean the one to use in my smartphone (and of course the ‘loser’ goes into the mbudzi phone). In fact, I figured that this is a dilemma that quite a number of us struggle with at some point, so […]

ZimBorderguide: An app to ease duty stress at Zimbabwe’s borders

For those who are big on importing or export goods, here is some good news for you; a new mobile app by ZimBorderGuide known as MyTaxmate helps with tax issues at the borders. The MyTaxMate app has a number of utilities which include easy access to ZIMRA’s e-services; a duty calculator; the tax payment calendar, […]

5 reasons why you should consider Facebook marketing

Of all social media platforms that I use, I’ve noticed that Facebook is really keen on being ‘personal’ with its users. It creates these cheesy – cute videos for you, be it based on your timeline activities or friendships (Friendversary what what), greets you, asks you what’s on your mind, celebrates your birthday, tells people […]

H-metro resolves to protect content by converting text to images: this is why it won’t work

Desperate situations do call for desperate measures – I agree, but sometimes desperate measures can really prove to be futile. So is the case with H-Metro. H-Metro has been employing numerous tactics of trying to combat piracy and the most recent one is uploading content as images rather than text. I know the issue of […]

Facebook live in Zimbabwe – Olinda was a gamechanger

Though I will say this grudgingly, but thank you Olinda for ‘introducing’ us to Facebook live. Despite facebook live having been introduced to Zimbabwe around August last year, most people didn’t really know about it or at least didn’t really consider it until … ummm Olinda. Not that no-one in Zim had ever used it before, […]

My experience using the Econet kombi wi-fi…

So the first time I heard about kombi wifi, I thought it was somewhat useless. I mean considering the distance between town to some of our hoods, you wouldn’t have done much with it at all. Besides, the last I checked, some routes only had one of such Kombis, so you can do the math and […]

Why do we not trust ourselves???

After finding out who won the ZEC Biometric Voter Registration Tender, I was kind of disappointed. Not because the winning company was from China instead of the Germany company that most were hoping for, but because it was a foreign company. This just reminded me of the many other times that we’ve preferred foreign services […]

Econet’s Ruzivo e-learning platform adds Ordinary level content

The Ruzivo e-learning platform has been making some noise in the online learning spaces and drawing mixed feelings from people. However, ever since it was zero-rated for Econet users and had other subjects added onto it, the feelings tend to be aggregating towards positive – I mean free always flies right? As had always been in the […]

OyOs online music store – new kid on the block…

I remember the days when urban grooves took Zimbabwe by storm. I mean songs like Kurwizi, Ndichamuudza chete, Zvachose, Suzanna, Zverudo, Ruva rangu, I could literally go on and on because this is the type of music that really spoke to your soul. Whether you were in love or not, it somehow enabled you to […]

What HTTPS is and why you should know about it

I know people would think that this article is only relevant for web designers or coders etc, but I strongly disagree because it’s actually not. I believe that at some point everyone will need to build their online presence (whether as a startup, business or individual) so whether you’re going to build it yourself, or […]

Women participation in tech. Should we worry??

Cliché topic right? Yet the gender disparity in this field is still too evident to be ignored so yes, I’ll go on right ahead and talk about it. This article won’t really speak for countries where women are not even allowed to go beyond becoming a wife because evidently my approach here becomes highly irrelevant, […]

Zim tech spaces: NUST student builds head motion controlled wheelchair

There’s quite a lot happening in the tech spaces around Zimbabwe, yet with so little exposure or recognition. This is not only discouraging for the techies building things, but it leaves Zimbabweans unaware of the opportunities and potential that lie around them. I will therefore be blogging about these innovative Zimbabweans that are building things that solve […]

Why digital presence is a critical investment for businesses #DigitalFuture

In business, we often overlook a number of important aspects which we often term minor or more of the ‘it can wait’ type of thing. Yet right in those things lie some of our keys to success. Someone once said “If you don’t have a digital presence, you do not exist” and for some time […]

Lessons from Digital Future 2017: Five ways to optimize your digital presence with SEO

How often do you search all the way to page 3 on Google, Yahoo or any other search engine?  Unless of course you’re searching for something really specific. So if you don’t, then what are the chances of someone finding your company website which only appears on page 4? Sites that rank that low on […]

Tech startups: To invent or innovate?

As I was growing up, I was obsessed with the thought of inventing something that would someday make history. Nevertheless, as time progressed, I came to a point where I thought “oh well, what’s there to invent?? Everything has already been invented. What new thing can I bring about?” in fact, this ‘realisation’ weighed me […]

These bluetooth item finders will save you time and energy

When your day is hectic, small but important things often love playing hide and seek with you; and I’m pretty sure most of us find this quite annoying and as a serious waste of time. It’s bad enough to misplace things on a fairly relaxed day, what more when you already have a workload that […]

Computer Society of Zimbabwe to host a Bulawayo Business Conference

The other time, I flagged on how tech events have lower attendance compared to other “unproductive” events, which is a cause for concern considering how tech is pivotal at both the individual and country level economically. Anyway, I won’t dwell much on that since the issue was already articulated in that article. So instead, I […]

U-Report Zimbabwe: Leveraging SMS for research

When we talk about technology these days, we are quick to think of internet related stuff; which is not a bad thing, except only that it somehow limits our imagination. Some of us (which often feels like all of us), have moved away from the SMSs, but you will be shocked to know that it’s […]

Tech curbing corruption: Road Rules introduces traffic fines feature

Great news to all you drivers and future drivers! I am pleased to announce that we have moved a step forward in combating one of the anti-progress diseases we have in Africa – corruption. Road Rules has introduced a new feature called ‘traffic fines’ solving one of the biggest problems that drivers have – lack of […]

Partnerships and teamwork; yay or yay?

In one of the previous articles, I noticed a comment which I reckon to be very insightful and would help a lot of tech entrepreneurs if implemented properly: Teamwork! I know that life has somehow taught us to be distrusting and all (through experience or otherwise), but I think that if we keep cultivating this […]

Which car goes first? This startup just launched an animated driving lessons app

Learning how to drive is easy, but obtaining a licence is a totally different story. In fact, I personally think it’s literally one of the most difficult but necessary things to do in Zim. It is quite taxing on time, effort and even emotionally! I’m sure most people share these sentiments exactly and generally, this […]

Are we indeed being robbed?

Just the other day, I was talking to a local developer and he brought to my attention a recurring topic which I had otherwise chosen to ignore in the past. However, this developer caught my attention by giving a personal testimony, which frankly speaking was quite sad. It got worse when he provided me with […]

5 reasons why you should participate in the Google Digital Skills Training program

I’m pretty sure one way or the other, you’ve heard about the digital skills training that Google has been conducting throughout Africa. Over the last two days, there has been talk on how the initiative has finally reached Zimbabwe. In light of this, I thought it important for me to just give you simple reasons […]

The reluctance to change: will it cost us anything or everything?

I know you might already think I’m all about what’s wrong with the tech scene in Zimbabwe, but I choose to view myself as a watchman; my job is to tell you the Zimbabwean tech flaws and you will choose whether to complain with me, or do something about it… So maybe all you entrepreneurs […]

Zim tech events; A call to change…

Last week, Bulawayo was graced to host a both lit and handy event which everyone by now is talking about: the Techfest. It was a multi-day event, stretching from Tuesday right through to Saturday with dynamic activities on each day, all held at the Rainbow hotel. Contrary to popular belief, an event can both be […]