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Opera jumps onto “…best for Netflix in Africa” bandwagon with Opera Max

Opera Max

So the latest way to sell your internet service or app in these post #NetflixEverywhere launch days, is to claim that it’s best for Netflix. Lots of free advertising it’s getting this video streaming service. The latest on that bandwagon is Opera, who most of us know for the much loved Opera Mini. Opera Mini is ofcourse just not enough anymore. Mostly because the internet browser accounts only for a fraction of the stuff eating mobile data on your phone right now. 

There are others data hogs like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Your email app and ofcourse now, Netflix. This is why Opera released Opera Max; an app that works in the background to make those data heavy apps use less data. 50% less, claims the company – hence them jumping on the opportunity for some PR with the launch of Netflix on the continent.

A press event notification we just received had this:

Opera Max is the best solution for new Netflix viewers across Africa as Opera Max saves data on HTTPS videos without any significant loss in quality. It even reduces buffering on any connection, including crowded Wi-Fi networks. The data-saving technology can extend data plans by up to 50% for free.”

I just installed the app myself to see how big a saving it provides. If you have tried it already let us know in the comments your experience. That aside, who watches Netflix on mobile? Last I checked there were no uncapped data bundles, but maybe that’s just the Zimbabwe experience.

We’ll post more on this when we get a chance to speak to the Opera folks next week!

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5 thoughts on “Opera jumps onto “…best for Netflix in Africa” bandwagon with Opera Max

  1. I don’t have Netflix, but Opera Max has more than proven itself to me. Before I upgraded to the ‘two in one’ opera mini, opera max allowed me to save whenever I needed to use chrome for its more advanced browsing experience in addition to the more general system wide savings. After updating opera mini, max still holds value as a powerful and simple data management tool. Managing app access to mobile data and Wi-Fi on the fly is so easy. I’m actually surprised there wasn’t any Techzim coverage on it before this whole Netflix thing, but it’s all good. Opera Max needs more exposure in extortionate mobile data rate markets like ours.

  2. I have been using Neopard for data saving and it works great also.Its much better than opera max as it does not select apps to save.It saves on every app!!

  3. Opera max has made the use of android phones more enjoyable as the app gives options on how app uses data as per your needs and budget….
    Great work from Opera.

  4. Hey tech guys, In from Christ Embassy church, I was wondering if you have any information on how best to stream a liveservice online, If you can, could you pleasegive me the details of the necessary softwares needed and the best service provider that can do this.

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