NetOne Social Media Bundle Prices Increase

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Seems NetOne did more than just introduce the $3 OneFusion package over the weekend. They also revised their social media packages.

The new NetOne social media packages are as follows:

  • 30MB valid for 24hours cost $0.30 (compared to the initial price of $0.27 for 27MB)

  • 100MB valid for 7 days cost $1.00 (compared to the initial price of $0.87 for 80MB)

  • 280MB valid for 30days cost $3.00 (compared to the initial price of $2.80 for 225MB)

By the way, unlike on other Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) i.e. Econet and Telecel which have set different prices for each of the different social media networks offered, NetOne uniformly prices them. All three social networks offered i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter cost the same price on NetOne as indicated above. Other MNOs on the other hand have different data allocations for each social media network though the price remains the same.

Nonetheless, in as much as the social media package prices have increased, you’ll realise that they have increased along with the data available per package. An example; when the daily package cost $0.27, it came with 27MB only and now for $0.30 you get 30MB. So now the question is, would you rather pay more for more or less for less? Ambiguous as that sounds, in context I’m sure it makes sense.

It also seems that NetOne is trying charge in MB per cent, well at least that’s what one customer representative said, though the $3 package becomes inconsistent since instead of the 300MB, you get 20MB less i.e. you get 280MB. Also, he (the customer representative) mentioned how the prices have increased just so they (NetOne) can be at the same level with other players in the market as far as pricing is concerned.

However, that’s debatable because that implies that NetOne has the cheapest social media packages; I mean considering for say $0.30 which gives you 30MB on NetOne valid for 24hrs you can get 20MB WhatsApp + 10MB Twitter plus  20MB WhatsApp WiFi and 10MB Twitter  WiFi on Econet. So for the same price you get access to two social media networks on Econet. But then again, calling that a good deal or not would be dependent on one’s preference.

So now apart from telling us whether you’d prefer ‘more for more or less for less’ in terms of quantity, it would be interesting to also know if you’d prefer again ‘more for more or less for less’ in terms of variety/diversity as in the Econet vs. NetOne example I just stated above.



  1. Nxa

    You guys need to get a life, you cant say netone gives the best blah blah blah when u clearly compared with the econet social bundles and can see they give more, even Telecel social bundles on 480 have more value than those beyond changes. You are mislead the customers with your promiscuous views and lame analysis.

    1. Trycolyn Pikirayi

      I wrote the article but I had to re-read so i could try and get what you really mean.
      Unfortunately, I still don’t. And seeing that I’m actually questioning NetOne’s ‘to match up with other competitors’ reasoning for the price increase confuses me even more.

      Hope you didn’t just hurriedly read the article then rush to comment.

  2. Wellington

    Hike them prices whilist your network is poor like it is we will just return to econet and get value for money

    1. Trycolyn Pikirayi

      Yea, a lot of people complain about network issues. But I’ve met people who say their LTE network is quite flawless…. Guess it’s area-dependent

  3. Pablo

    -30MB valid for 24hours cost $0.30 (compared to the initial price of $0.27 for 27MB) ITS STILL 1 CENT PER MEGABYTE

    -100MB valid for 7 days cost $1.00 (compared to the initial price of $0.87 for 80MB) ITS NOW CHEAPER ACTUALY COZ INITIALY IT WAS 1.1 CENT PER MEGABYTE NOW ITS A CENT

    280MB valid for 30days cost $3.00 (compared to the initial price of $2.80 for 225MB) ON THIS AS WELL ITS WAS 1.244 CENTS PER MB NOW ITS 1.071 CENTS PER MB


    1. Trycolyn Pikirayi

      This is the part where I wear the #apolojersey.

      Yes, the title doesn’t do justice to the article because the increase there is in reference to the amount at which you can purchase the bundle…i.e. from 27c to 30c or from 87c to a dollar etc.

      Thanks for pointing that out.

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