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ZBC Announced The Launch Of Their App And Social Media Reacted

When ZBC announced the launch of their app, I felt quite happy for the national broadcaster which is edging closer and closer to their goals of “digitalising”. Or is it digitization? Anyway, let’s just call it digital migration. So here I was expecting a good response for the national broadcasters’ efforts in adopting tech but lo and behold the tweet announcing the app is littered with some heated responses, some of which we can’t even embed in this article.

Here are some of the responses ZBC has been getting since announcing their app;

It’s not all doom and gloom

I’m glad some of the people who responded to the tweets can see that this is a positive step for ZBC…


If we’re not looking at the content which is very divisive having an application is a positive step for ZBC and it’s a few positive tech changes that have taken place at the national broadcaster. The app also has over 10 000 downloads which means there are more than a handful of people willing to test the application.

Download the ZBC Live App on the Google Play Store

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